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Birthday Trip | Destination: St. Kitts and Nevis

So back in 2016, I started this thing where I take a birthday trip each year. Sadly enough, I have not stuck to this plan. I did not travel anywhere new (specifically for my birthday) since November of 2016. It’s a little challenging for me to travel on my actual birthdate since it’s either on/before/after Thanksgiving (depending on the year). I prefer to spend this time of year with my family and friends but I’m all in for new family traditions now a days. In November of 2018, my birthday was the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday).

I was very undecided as to where I wanted to go for my birthday trip. . . I ended up choosing St. Kitts.

St. Kitts and Nevis are two separate islands. We only had the option go to one since we only had 3-4 days. The morning we were scheduled to leave for St. Kitts it took me FOREVER to get ready and actually leave for the airport. I don’t know why but I’m always running late to the airport! We actually almost didn’t make it on time! I was stressing out the entire ride to the airport!

After arriving to MIA, I made a last-minute decision and asked Lorenzo to drop Haley and I off curbside to check in and he go park the truck. I usually never park at the airport (because it’s way too expensive) so while riding to the airport I found affordable parking using from my phone. I personally have never really checked in curbside . . . Have you? Apparently, they don’t “charge” you an additional fee but they take tips. So of course, I had to give the guy $20 because I didn’t have any change and was already running extremely late.

We had an amazing time in St. Kitts! The island was just what we needed for a quick Birthday trip getaway.

I love how the island offers a combination of the beaches and mountains. We rented a car from inside the airport terminal (with Thrifty car rental) so we were REALLY able to explore the island! Make sure you check out my post about our car rental experience in St. Kitts.

As usual, we booked with I was exhausted by the time we reached the hotel to check-in. . . I’m so glad that checking in was quick and easy. The hotel is really nice! The nightly rates were a little pricey (we paid $175 a night) but still better than the Marriott’s rates (which directly across the street). The staff was amazing! I actually only booked one night but they were so kind to let us extend for a 2nd night (and honored the same rate).

Overall, the room was the perfect size for our family of three. My favorite feature . . . It was equipped with a full kitchen.

Which definitely came in handy because we were able to store our drinks and food, heat up food and cook little things (ex. oatmeal) for our little one. Free Wifi. Traveling with kids can be challenging at times. Especially when it comes to feeding them while traveling abroad. Having this kitchen really helped us keep her content. Out little one is a VERY picky eater. I make sure that I travel with different foods and snacks for her but it’s nothing like having access to a stove, microwave and fridge.

The bathroom was small but I LOVED the shower and that the toilet was separated from the shower and sink by a door. Even though we stayed in room #124, our room was on the 2nd floor. We had a nice view of the lake and the mountains that sits behind the hotel. There are no elevators but the hotel staff will help with your luggage if needed. 

After getting settled in, we noticed a letter on the counter informing us of a drought and how the water is turned off by between 9P/10P-5A each night to ration the water. This is done by the Water Authority – not the hotel. I’ve never seen this before but the water supply must be really scarce. I actually checked to see if the water was on one of the nights there and it was so I don’t know if they do it some nights and not others. We just made sure that we took our baths and things prior to 9P each night and set aside water just in case we needed it (for drinking and anything else that we may have need it for).

There many different good eats in St. Kitts however we didn’t get the chance to eat at any really good places.

Our first night there, we ate at Sunset Cafe (@Frigate Bay). It’s on the main strip where a lot of the bars and restaurants are (right on the beach). We initially went to this area to eat at Cathy’s Grill but we discovered they didn’t open until 630P. This was at 530P and we were STARVING so there’s no way we were gonna wait. LOL.  

Just a few feet down the street, we walked to Sunset Cafe. The waitress was nice and told us that we could order from the menu or wait until 7P for the Caribbean buffet. There is no way we weren’t gonna wait for the buffet so decided on ordering a couple appetizers and then walk back down the Cathy’s (once they opened). We had fish w/fries and conch fritters (which were patties instead of balls – which was a 1st for me). I don’t know if they were that good or I was soooo hungry but we punished it. LOL. They had a musical playing live calypso music so was really nice! The tables are all outside so it’s nice that you can see the water.

The ONLY thing drove me crazy were the M-o-s-q-u-i-t-o-e-s!!

They were burning mosquito coils but that did not keep all of them at bay! Thank God I keep a little spray bottle of OFF with me when I travel. OFF saved the day!!! There were sooooo many mosquitoes . . . EVERYWHERE!! We were told it’s that time of year for mosquitoes. Each place that we went too offered OFF spray so that’s great if you forget to bring your own. 

We had breakfast our first morning there and then dinner our last night at the hotel restaurant (called Splash). The breakfast was delish. I had the Kittitian breakfast. It was good! I discovered they make Johnny cake a little differently from the way they make them in the Bahamas (which is what I’m use to). . . Still good tho!

After breakfast we decided to drive around the entire island. This took us a couple hours since we stopped a few times to lounge and sightsee. We had a situation at the beginning of your drive cause we chose to to take an off road route but we came out ok. Click here to read about our off road driving experience while in St. Kitts.

My birthday trip to St. Kitts was amazing!! . . . It’s a great destination! We didn’t get a chance to hop over to Nevis but we will definitely visit Nevis the next time we go back. Make sure you take a look at my YouTube video to see more of my birthday trip in St. Kitts. 

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