Road Trip with Kids

Road Trip w/ Kids | Top 5 Survival Tips

Who cringes at the thought of taking a road trip with kids? I do! First of all, I hate driving long distances. After about an hour or so, I’m ready to pull over and take a nap.😴😂 Secondly, road trips with kids usually make the trip longer and a little more challenging. Family road trips can be great but preparing for a road trip with kids as much as possible it definitely a must. Well, no worries . . . I’m bringing you my top 5 survival tips for taking a road trip with kids that will help lessen your frustration and prevent you from pulling all (maybe some) of your hair out! 🤣

I recently took a short road trip with my 2-year-old. We drove from Daytona Beach, FL to Fort Lauderdale, FL. Even though it’s typically only a 3-3.5 hr drive, it took us about 4.5 hours. I will usually try to find any way that I can to avoid driving. LOL.

Watch our YouTube video about our lil adventure.

I ended up renting a car from Hertz car rental (at the Daytona Beach International Airport). I made my reservation online to ensure that I got the best rate. The process was quick and easy and the Hertz representatives were great!

road trip with kids

1. Choose the best time for a road trip with toddlers

Try to start your road trip at the beginning of your little one’s normal nap time or bedtime hours. Of course, this is ideal however may not always be possible. The more the little ones sleep, the better the trip will be for you. 😄 The little ones will fall asleep after driving for a while but driving during the times they little bodies are already use to sleeping would be good for them. As you can see my little one dozed off as soon as we pulled off! Ha!

road trip with kids

2. Road Trip for Toddlers: Food, Snacks & Drinks

Make sure you have snacks, food and drinks. Preferably snacks that aren’t too messy. Depending on how far you have to drive and where you’re going, driving time may or may not be a concern of yours for a road trip. If you’re looking to get to your destination within a good time frame, having snacks/food will save time and prevent you from stopping as much. You will have to stop for bathroom breaks but you wouldn’t want to stop every time some gets hungry or need a snack. You could also consider taking a cooler. The type of snacks/food will depend on your little one’s age and preference.

road trip with kids road trip with kids

3. Keep them busy . . . Entertainment on a road trip with toddlers is a MUST!

Make sure you have lots of entertainment for them. I recommend books, toys, games and/or tablet. Travel activities for kids . . . Now, this is one of the most IMPORTANT of all the tips! All of the tips are important but kids are busybodies so with them having to be strapped down in their car/booster seats is sometimes a really big struggle for them. The more travel activities you have available for them, the happier they will be during your family road trip. Each child is different so just be sure you have different things and things that will keep them entertained. You could even go as far as creating a travel activity bag for each child.

4. Make sure you are fully rested

Now I know this is not always an option as a mom (because we’re always tired) but if you can it could make a big difference during your family road trip. I personally HATE driving so after I’m on the road after an hour, I start getting sleeping and need a nap. LOL. The family road trip will be a lot easier for you if there is more than one driver. If you are the only driver, you will definitely want to get as much rest as possible. Keep a 5-hour energy drink or caffeinated drink close by in case you need it. If you do get sleepy, make sure you stop at a well-lit gas station, store or restaurant. Try to sleep and/or get out and stretch your legs.

5. What about you, mama? 

Make sure you have something to listen to . . . Before leaving, download your favorite playlist, podcast and/or audiobook. You will need something to keep you entertained just as much as your little one(s). If you plan your trip, be sure to download a few things for you. If not, you could always find something online from your phone to get you through. 

6. Stop & Take Breaks (as many as you need)

So, this will cause your trip to take longer however it’s necessary if you want a good road trip. It also really depends on how long your drive is as well. If you plan it accordingly, you could possibly make the drive without stopping at all – it really depends. 

  • Restaurants 
  • Rest Stops
  • Shopping Centers
  • Gas Stations
  • Parks and/or Playground 

If you find these tips useful, have any questions and/or road trip ideas that you would like to share please leave a comment below.

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Safe Travels!

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