Martinique Vacation_Where to Stay in Martinique

Martinique Vacation: Where to Stay in Martinique

Due to the pandemic, travel has completely changed for us. I traveled at 2-3 times a month prior to all this happening.  I’ve always loved traveling! In 2016 I joined travel groups for people who love to travel. As a Nomadness tribe member, I jumped at the opportunity for a Martinique vacation with other ladies who looking to get away for the weekend. 

I’m actually always up to traveling to new places and collecting passport stamps! Ha!

The Caribbean is one of my favorite places to travel. Because this was our first time visiting this beautiful island, we didn’t know where to stay in Martinique. 

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Martinique Vacation

Norwegian airlines offer great seasonal fares traveling to Martinique and Guadeloupe. The flights are only offered on certain days of the week.

This was the first time I flew with Norwegian and I had a good experience flying with them. I departed from BWI to FDF on a Friday. I’ve been learning to be #teamcarryon but Norwegian made me check my carry-on bag due to limited space (and my bag was a little overweight – yes, they weigh the carry-on bags).

I will say that I felt it was kinda weird that they only allow check-in within 2-3 hours prior to the departure of the flight (as opposed to within 24 hours of departure). The seats were roomy and there was free Wi-Fi during the 4-hour flight.

I ended traveling to Martinique by myself but before arriving at Lamentin Airport, I planned to meet up with some of the other ladies from the Nomadness Travel Tribe. It is definitely one of the nice things about being a part of a great community of other travelers. There were 3 of us that decided to divide up the expenses for the hotel and rental car.

Where to Stay in Martinique

We ended up staying at The Simon Hotel. It had recently been built and they did a soft opening since the hotel was not completely finished (little odds and ends were still being done). Kim (@kimmiegtravels) and I initially shared a room however once we arrived there was a issue with our room so after speaking to management downstairs, we were given 2 separate rooms for our inconvenience. That was really nice of them and Kim and I loved the idea of having our own room! I mean who doesn’t like a room to themselves, right!?!

Check out the video tour!

After checking in, we walked up the street to a restaurant to eat. We ended up meeting up with another Tribe member. It was great! We all had shared food, drinks, and good conversation.

Martinique Island

For our 2nd day, we decided to take the rental car and drive around and explore. We drove around the city and then out to the Anse Canard Slave Memorial on the shores of Le Diamant in Martinique. This memorial created in memory of several slaves who died just off the nearby coast nearly 200 years before. 

There’s an amazing ocean views and of some of the southern towns of Martinique. I did enjoy the culture that we got to experience there. We stopped at one of the small local restaurants along the coast for lunch.

Have you been traveling? I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below and let me know where you’ve traveled. 

Until next time . . . Safe travels!

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Martinique Vacation_Where to Stay in Martinique
Martinique Vacation_Where to Stay in Martinique

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