Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Playa del Carmen, Mexico . . . How can I get there?

Are you traveling to Playa del Carmen, Mexico and wondering how you can get there? Well, I’m here to give you options that will help you do just that!

Distance Between Playa del Carmen and some Cities/ Airports:

Towns and Cities/ Distances/ Estimated Time

  • Cancun/ 55 km/ 45 minutes
  • Tulum/ 65 km/ 54 minutes
  • Cozumel/ 47 km/ 45 minutes (via local ferry)
  • Mexico City/ 1602 km/ 19hrs & 54 mins

There are 4 main transportation options to get you to Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Of course, depending on how many will be traveling with you, if you all are all arriving into CUN during the same timeframe, how much luggage you have, how many children you are traveling with, how much you’re willing to pay, etc. So you will have to decide what will work best for you and the individuals you will be traveling with.

Option #1: Take the Local ADO Bus

On my recent trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico I took the local ADO bus. My 2-year old toddler and I flew into the Cancun International Airport (CUN) since it is the closest airport to Playa del Carmen. It was such an easy process and its really affordable (only $208 MXN = approx $11.00 USD each way).

You can buy your bus ticket once you arrive at CUN at the ADO counter. After you pass through the baggage claim area and approaching the airport exit, you will see the ADO ticket counter to your left.

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The buses are very clean and comfortable. You sit anywhere you want when you depart from the airport however they assign seats when you depart from Playa del Carmen and heading back to the airport.

There is a bus that usually departs every 15-30 minutes. This company offers many different times and bus routes. You can visit their website but beware it is only offered in Spanish. It’s still pretty easy to select where you are departing from/going to and the date you want to travel to take a look at the times offered.

Since they have some many buses that are running every 15-30 mins, it’s not really necessary for you to book ahead of time (when departing from the airport). It really depends on you though! The bus will drop you off at the bus terminal on 5th Ave & Juarez. This is in the center of Playa del Carmen so depending on where you stay will determine if you walk from the bus terminal or catch a taxi. FYI – Catching a taxi within the city of Playa del Carmen is really cheap (like $2-$3 a ride).

Option #2: Rent a Car

Renting a car at the Cancun International Airport (CUN) and then driving to Playa del Carmen can also be a very convenient & affordable option. We rent cars all the time when we travel. Renting a car gives you flexibility and allows you to really explore. I personally love using when booking a rental car. This is my “go-to”! They offer many different car rental companies at many different prices. Their prices are usually the absolute lowest! I HIGHLY recommend car rental insurance. Look into your different car rental insurance options (Ex. Allianz, your credit card company, your personal car insurance policy, etc). If you are on the fence about purchasing rental car insurance when traveling aboard, take a look at my other post about our car rental experience in St. Kitts and let me know if still have any doubts.?

Option #3: Take a Private Shuttle or an Airport Shuttle

There are several different companies that offer different shuttle transfer packages. Some are shared and others are not. Some are reliable and others are not. Just be sure to do your research and make sure you check out all the reviews for each shuttle company you are considering.

Option #4: Take a Taxi

This is probably the most expensive option – by far! I would not recommend this option.

Safe Travels!

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Ways to get to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

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