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Avoid Waiting in Long Lines: City Hall in Coral Square Mall Expedited Passport Process [+ video]

Do you live in South Florida, need to apply for a passport in person [a MUST for minors and new applicants], and wanna avoid long lines? From my own personal experience, I can definitely say the Coral Square Mall passport process is hands down one of your best options. 

From trial and error over the last few days, I’ve learned this [the hard way] and thought . . .  “why not let other parents know about this as well?”. 

I mean who wants to spend hours on hours waiting in line to submit a passport application?

I know I don’t!

So much so that I put off submitting the passport applications because I felt it was too much of a hassle. 

And guess what?

It was!

Why Not Just Mail In The Passport Application?

Well, if you are applying for a new passport and/or a minor, you have to go to an authorized passport agency. So this would be  . . .

  • Post Office – you have to have an appointment however they seem to NEVER have any available appointments.
  • US Passport Office [Downtown Miami] – an appointment is also required and they hardly ever have appointments. If you want to schedule an appointment, you have to call the 800-number and pray there’s an available appointment that’s near you and before your travel time. If you need your passport fast, then you could possibly get an appointment here.
  • Courthouse – walk-ins only. It’s hit or miss with the courthouse so be mindful of that and be prepared to wait and/or add yourself to the waitlist queue and go to City Hall in Coral Square Mall.
  • City Hall – walk-ins are accepted but I highly recommend adding yourself to the waitlist if you decide to go to City Hall in Coral Square Mall.
  • City Library – appointments are required. 

Side note: New applicants under the age of 16  MUST go in person and along with both parents/guardians [unless you get Form DS-3053 “Statement of Consent” signed and notarized by the parent/guardian that won’t be there]. 

I’ve been needing to get my son a passport for a while however because of COVID, being a work-from-home mom, and him being a high-demand baby I just haven’t made the time.

I drove all the way to the Miami passport office to try and get a same-day passport a few months back however that was a complete waste of time.

While my son and I were in the ER a couple of weeks ago, one of the pediatric doctors at Broward General told me that she had a great experience and suggested I go to Coral Square Mall for passport services.

I thought it was worth a try so I went here to get more info. 

It seems pretty simple, right?

City Hall in Coral Square Mall is open Monday through Friday from 10A to 6P so you’re only able to use their text system between those days/times. 

Once you click on ‘Reserve You Spot’ you’ll need to enter your first name, last name, and mobile phone number [it has to be a cell number that can receive text messages].

Once you enter that info you’ll be asked to enter your zip code. This is optional so you can skip this if you want.

If you are looking to apply for a passport, you’ll want to click “Passports” on this screen. Then choose how many people are applying.

As you can see, the system will give you an estimated wait time so you’ll have an idea of how much time you have and when you should head that way.

Side note: The FlexAppointment for another day and time is a little harder to get. When I choose that option, I was told there were no appointments.

You’ll then receive a text message letting you know your estimated wait time and providing you with instructions should you need to request more time, a status update, leave the queue, or need additional help. 

This is the main reason the Coral square mall passport process is one of the best ways to avoid waiting in long lines to submit a passport application. 

Using this text feature will shave hours off of the time you spend at City hall in the mall.

Side note: They also offer other services like pictures, a notary, etc. 

This system makes the process for families much easier than most other options. 

So if there’s a long wait, carry on with your day, and then when it’s about 1-2 hours before your turn, you’ll want to start making your way to the City Hall in Coral Square Mall.

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Where are they located?

The City Hall in the Mall is located at 9239 W. Atlantic Blvd., Coral Springs FL 33071. If for some reason you need to call, their phone number is 954-344-1828.

The time you’re in the queue time will vary depending on the day and how many people actually show up to their appointments so don’t wait until the last minute to head that way. 

If you don’t wanna go to City Hall at Coral Square Mall for your passport needs, your next best option is to go to the Fort Lauderdale courthouse.

So you’re probably thinking . . .

Isn’t there gonna be a long line at the courthouse?

I know because this is exactly what I thought about when someone suggested I go to the courthouse.

But nope! 

Not necessarily!

Depending on the location and day/time your wait time could possibly be less than 15-30 minutes.

To Avoid Waiting in Longs Lines, Should I go to City Hall in Coral Square Mall or the Courthouse?

I would say it really depends. . .

Let’s say you leave within a 30-minute drive of the City Hall in Coral Square Mall then go here and get on the list to be seen.

But if you leave closer to the Fort Lauderdale courthouse, then drop in early and see how long the line is [if there’s a line]. If it’s a long line, consider waiting there or putting yourself on the list at the City Hall in Mall. 

That’s why I say it really depends. 

Because I just went through this whole process, there are a few things I would definitely suggest you avoid.

3 Mistakes I Made  [that you wanna avoid] When I Applied for My Kid’s Passports 

These things caused me way more time, frustration, and aggravation during the whole process

. . . . Dont be like me!

1 – I didn’t have the paperwork completely filled out

I filled out the application at home but left a few spaces blank. Well, when I got to the passport office, I realized that I didn’t write in my kid’s SS number or height info. I’m not sure about you but I don’t know this info by heart so I had to come back. ANd no they can’t look up their SS number.

So, you’ll want to be sure that you fill in EVERYTHING that applies on the passport application. You don’t want to get to the office and realized you didn’t fill something in and then have to go back and start all over – like I did. No matter how big or small, just be sure to fill everything. . . okay?

2 – I didn’t realize that once the notarized consent form is signed it’s only valid for 90 days 

My hubby works a lot so he was unable to go with the kids and I to submit the passport applications at City Hall in Coral Square Mall. He had the form notarized about 100+ days ago so they told me it’s expired – even though it doesn’t state that on the form. 

We then had to get the same form notarized again. Thank GOD I remembered my neighbor is a notary.

If one of the parents/guardians can go, you must get Form DS-3053 “Statement of Consent” signed and notarized. This can be done at many different spots around town. If you need service at odd times, then consider using a mobile notary. 

There’s a fee but it depends on the notary, time, and location that you need service will determine how much. From what I’ve seen here in South Florida, it’s probably gonna be around $60-$100 for the mobile notary fee. 

You might be like. . .  That’s a lot! It depends on your situation, your budget, and how convenient it is. 

3 – I didn’t have all the required documents

 This can be avoided by following the instructions on the website and application. Not having all the paperwork is gonna cause you to spend way more time and energy trying to get the passport submitted.  Trust me! . . . I know first hand. 

Also, be sure to take a check or money order. You will NOT be able to submit cash or debit/credit card with the application.

Side note: Once a minor’s passport has expired, you can’t renew it. You’ll need to submit a new passport application for your child. 

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City Hall in the Coral Square Mall: Don’t Get Scammed

The best advice I can give you is. . . Don’t pay a 3rd party for expedited services. 

You can call 877-487-2778 to try to get an appointment at the Miami Passport Office [which is the ONLY office in Florida that can issue a same-day passport] but it’s not easy. 

Side note: The next closest Passport Office for Florida is in Atlanta, GA, and from there is New Orleans, LA. 

A lot of people are scamming families by charging them money to obtain an appointment they got for FREE.

Yeah, you heard me! 

What they do is call the same 877-487-2778 number that’s available to everyone and grab up all the available appointments [which are FREE99]. They then turn around and try to sell those appointments to other people. 

A lot of people get scammed like this because they’re so desperate.

Most of the time they don’t care about spending a little more if they can get their passport now. 

Well, it doesn’t work out the way they want it to most of the time so I wouldn’t take the chance.

If you can’t wait 4-6 weeks [which is the timeframe if you pay for expedited service] and you need your passport right away then watch this . . .

Next Steps

Regardless if you avoid waiting in longs lines at City Hall in Coral Square Mall with their expedited passport process or go to the Courthouse, be sure to take all the required documents, fill out the form completely, and get Form DS-3053 “Statement of Consent form notarized [if needed] within 90 days.

Eventhough most location office passport picture services, I would even go as far as taking and having the passport pictures beforehand would definitely lessen your wait time.

Be sure to drop me a comment below and let me know what has been your experience so far. Did you hear about City Hall in Coral Square Mall before reading this article? 

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