65 Self Care Ideas for Tired Moms

65 Self Care Ideas for the Everyday Fatigue Mom

Who needs a self-care day (or even just an hour or so) for yourself??

I know I do!!!??‍

Mommin’ ain’t easy! We’re always putting our family before ourselves so yes . . . Moms Need a Break Too! Sometimes it might be easier said than done however we NEED time away from the kids.

You can actually start implementing these self-care ideas into your daily, weekly, and/or monthly routine . . . TODAY!! 

Why is self-care important for mothers? 

As a mom, taking time to take care of yourself is essential because you have to be in a good place (mentally and physically) to be able to take care of yourself and your family. There are 4 key elements of self-care: physical, emotional, physical, and spiritual (CTRI). It’s ideal you focus on all 4 of these elements.

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What are some self-care ideas?

1. Get a massage – this is great for relaxation. You can find good deals at a local school or Groupon.com (ex. The Aveda Institute or a cosmetology school).

2. Take a walk – you can walk around your neighborhood, a nearby park, a mall, a school track, etc.

3. Read a book, magazine, and/or newspaper – catch up with the news or trends. Finally, get around to reading a good book.

4. Get dressed up and put on makeup – this in itself will make any mama feel good! You don’t even have to do too much . . . Go run errands, visit a store or restaurant, etc. You will be surprised how many smiles and compliments you get – that will make you feel really good!

Side note: Some of these self-care ideas don’t take much for any fatigue mom to do and sometimes that’s all it takes! It’s easier said than done when it comes to getting some ‘me time’ but it’s a must!

5. Go to a place of worship – if you’re religious, this can be very uplifting and therapeutic.

6. Take a nap – I am a #napqueen so this one is one of my favorite things to do when I get a lil break – especially since I rarely get enough sleep.

7. Binge watch a TV show or watch a movie – watching a TV series back to back is also one of my favorites. I recently binge-watched ‘How to Get Away With Murder’, ‘Power’, and ‘See’.

8. Take a bubble bath – you could light some candles and/or play some music while you relax . . . or not! You decide!

9. Visit a therapist – sometimes it’s good to be able to talk to someone who will just listen.

Self Care Ideas for Fatigue Moms

10. Watch the sunrise and/or sunset – if you are not a morning person, you might want to stick to sunsets.? If someone is home with the little ones, you should go for it! I’m gonna start catching a sunrise here or there – not too often tho! That’s too early for me!?

11. Pedicure/Manicure – you can do this one yourself or go to the nail salon and have it done. If you prefer to have it done, you can look around for good deals.

12. Get a facial – you can do this yourself or go have it done. The same goes here . . . If you prefer to get it done, be sure to look around for deals.

13. Visit a museum – you can check with local museums to check out their event calendar – certain days are half off or free. . . Or you can just go!

14. Get rid of the negativity in your life – you’ll be surprised what difference this will make!

How can a mother prioritize self-care?

You’ll find in a lot of situations that it’s easier said than done when it comes to self-care for moms. I feel you want to be realistic and possibly take baby steps if needed by:

  • Ask for help
  • Learn to say “No”
  • Schedule some time for yourself – no matter how much
  • Create schedules/routines that help you manage your time better

15. Meditate and/or do yoga – this can be very therapeutic. I’ve only tried yoga once and it was very effective. Yoga isn’t for me though!

16. Make a vision board – visually having your goals displayed is a great way to work toward achieving them. Highly recommended!

17. Go to a local cafe or restaurant – simple but very effective.

18. Meet up with friends for a sit-down – as a mom, we sometimes tend to lose touch with our friends (especially the ones without kids) so being able to catch up with our friends is priceless.

19. Experiment with makeup – so the ones of us that aren’t experts – this can be kinda fun! YouTube is my go-to place to find all kinda tutorials.

20. Go for a run – for those moms that are runners, I don’t have to tell you how beneficial this is. For those moms who aren’t (I know I’m not!?), this is great for our mind and body.

    21. Listen to music – very therapeutic for moms that love music.

    22. Go dancing – a great way to unwind and have a great time!

    23. Write in a journal – for those moms that keep a journal, this is a great way to release whatever it is you may need to get off your chest.

    24. Go to the farmer’s market – a good way to get some ‘me time’.

    25. Go to movies – again, definitely one of my personal favorites.

    26. Write a creative story – Are you a writer? Do you have a good imagination?

    Self Care Ideas for Fatigue Moms

    27. Go to a comedy show – who needs a good laugh? Laughing is good for the soul! You’ll be surprised how many good shows you’ll find near you.

    28. Take a boat ride/tour – if you live near water, this something you could really enjoy. I’ve been meaning to look into taking one but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    29. Do a staycation – this just like taking a trip somewhere but instead, you stay local. You could find an area near you and plan something for 1-4 days.

    30. Browse your favorite website – this simple but a lot of us don’t get to do these little things.

    31. Cook something new – Do you like cooking and trying new foods? Take some time and do things a little differently. You can try a new recipe from a cookbook or from a friend or family member.

    Why is self-care important for mothers? 

    As a mom, taking time to take care of yourself is essential because you have to be in a good place in order to take care of you and your family.

    32. Write a letter to someone you know – when was the last time that you actually wrote a letter to someone? Most of us use text messages, emails, and/or social media to reach out to our loved ones. You can write a letter and either mail it or give it to them in person.

    33. Go to the beach – we live about a 15-20 min drive from the beach however I don’t go nearly as much as I would like to.

    34. Relax-n-chill at home – do WHATEVER relaxes you (ex. this could be having a glass/bottle of wine, cleaning, organizing, etc) at home and enjoy the time without the kids.

    35. Take a drive – when was the last time that you got a chance to take the scenic route without the kiddos in the car?

    SelfCare-Ideas-for-the Everyday-Fatigue-Mom

    36. Ride a bike – you can do a bike trail, go to the beach, a park or just around your area.

    37. Go rolling skating – you can go to a local skating rink, the beach, park or around your neighborhood.

    38. Get your hair done – you could do this yourself or go and have someone else do it. This is something else most of us moms don’t make time for!

    39. Go to a local festival – check around to see what’s on in your area.

    40. Go swimming – a great way to relax and get some exercise in.

    41. Try something new at a local bakery shop – Do you like sweets? Well, this maybe be the one thing that brights your day!

    42. Take a trip somewhere – this is probably my all-time favorite! There’s nothing like exploring, meeting new people, and experiencing new places and things.

    43. Go to a local play – depending on where you live, there may be a few plays that you would love to look into.

    44. Take dance lessons – Is this something you’ve always wanted to so but haven’t had the time?

    45. Volunteer – depending on what you have a passion for, you can look at volunteer opportunities are available in your area.

    46. Take a city tour – a great way to do something locally and learn something new about your city.

    47. Take a hot air balloon ride – something I’ve never done but would LOVE to!

    48. Go shopping – most of us either don’t have the time to shop for ourselves or we shop online (ex. Amazon, Target, etc). There’s nothing like actually shopping in the store.

    49. Take a helicopter ride – again, something I’ve never done but would LOVE to!

    50. Go indoor or outdoor skydiving – Have you been before? Have you thought about doing one of these? Leave a comment below and let me know.


    51. Sleep in late – a luxury most moms (with small kids) NEVER get!!

    52. Go to happy hour – a great way to get loose and have a good time.

    53. Play a board game – simple yet can be very effective.

    54. Color in an adult coloring book – this was trending at one point. A good way for a mom to relax.

    55. Paint-n-Sip – you can find a local event or you can do it on your own. I personally haven’t tried this one but I know that a lot of moms like it – especially the wine part!

    56. Go to a concert – depending on where you live, there are probably a lot of great shows that you can check out.

    57. Learn a new craft – Do you want to sew, crochet, etc? Well, this could for you!

    58. Learn a new language – I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish. This self-care idea is great for any mom!

    59. Go on a date – it’s hard being a single mom let alone dating. Sometimes you might just need to wined and dined!

    60. Go hiking – a great outdoor activity for active moms.

    61. Go to the park – without the kids!

    62. Buy fresh flowers – this may sound simple but could brighten your day! When was the last time you had a vase of fresh flowers on your counter?

    SelfCare-Ideas-for-the Everyday-Fatigue-Mom

    63. Learn something new – this could be anything that you show interest in!

    64. Go to an amusement park – some moms LOVE roller coasters and being at one of these parks may be the one thing that gives you want you need.

    65. Take a day to do absolutely NOTHING!  – without the kids around of course! Because you and I know if the kids are around – this one wouldn’t work.

    Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know which of these self-care ideas you have done recently -OR- the ones you plan on trying (sooner or later). 

    Self Care Ideas for Fatigue Moms

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    1. We do need time out, don’t we? Ugh, I’m so excited, I just want to sleep first and rejuvenate to be able to do the other things – like visit the museum or read a book (i fall asleep when i do) but it seems one day’s catch up is not enough. I think i need a longer retreat.

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