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Top 21 Best Swimsuits that Hide Tummy Bulge [Plus-Size Friendly]

I take it you’re looking for the best swimsuits that hide tummy bulge, right?

We all know how frustrating it can be to find a swimsuit that both fits and flatters our body shape. The best part about this list is that these bathing suits are designed for women of all different shapes and sizes! So whether you’re round, straight, pear-shaped, hourglass, diamond-shaped, or in-between, I got the perfect bathing suit that helps hide belly fat and is the most flattering. 

With swimsuit season in full swing, it’s time to hit the beach and enjoy some sun. But if you’re anything like me, your stomach isn’t quite flat enough to wear a bikini without feeling self-conscious about how it looks. 

Trust me . . . I get it!

I had my son almost 6 months ago (at the time I wrote this) and I honestly feel that my midsection has still not gone back to how it was prior to my pregnancy. Granted I haven’t been exercising (even though I plan to). It’s really been hard to do or think about anything since my son is an H-I-G-H demand baby. I’ve been going through it mentally and physically. Thinking about me lying by the beach or pool in my figure-flattering bathing suits this summer gives me life! 

You too can still look good at the beach this summer by choosing the right swimwear that will help conceal a fat tummy and/or other body parts you don’t want seen.

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Types of Bathing Suits that Hide Tummy Bulge

What type of swimsuit make you look thinner?

Regardless if you just have a little extra fluffiness in your midsection area, postpartum, and/or are plus size, finding swimsuits that are figure-flattering can be challenging at times.

You might be wondering. . .

How do you hide belly fat while wearing a bathing suit?

There are certain types of bathing suits that help conceal your tummy. The swimsuits listed fall within these parameters:

  • High waisted
  • Ruffles
  • Solids
  • Swim dress
  • Prints and patterns
  • Color blocks
  • Peplum
  • Ruching
  • Blouson top

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Bathing Suit Styles

High Waisted

Also known as an empire waist, high waisted styles are the best for an overlook because it defines your waist. It creates a curvy look and does a good job hiding a belly pooch!

Solid Colors (preferably dark colors)

This is more of a traditional option. I myself find that a lot of times, I gravitate to solid black one-piece bathing suits. I’ve started to go outside my norm and explore with other darker solid colors. If you’re anything like me, try other solid dark colors if you’re looking to conceal your midsection.


When you’re trying to hide tummy fat and slim down your waist, the best way is with tiered ruffles. Ruffles are very flattering and they will make you look slimmer instantly. It’s also good for women who carry a little bit of extra weight in their stomach area. You can still be stylish by drawing attention away from that area using ruffles!

Swim Dress

For the beach or pool, it’s all about wearing light and breezy swimwear. So why not wear a swim dress that is flattering to your shape? The right swim dress can make you look slimmer and hide tummy fat, so take a look at some of our favorite finds!

Prints and Patterns

Prints and patterns are the perfect way to slim down your tummy without having to wear something that’s too tight. It also works well for hiding any other problem areas, like your butt or thighs. The best part is, prints and patterns come in so many different styles – from animal print to florals to polka dots!

Color Block

A classic trick to looking slimmer, taller, and hide your tummy is wearing color-blocking swimsuits. Generally speaking, it’s essential the top is lighter-colored and the bottom must be a darker color. 


This style flares out below the waistline, just enough to give an illusion of a waistline (and shorter torso at times) without sacrificing any coverage. I’ve always loved peplum-styled tops! These are a great way to conceal your midsection and still be super cute and stylish.


Ruching is a really flattering technique for hiding tummy bulge (aka post-pregnancy belly pouches), as it draws attention away from the area where you want to hide your stomach or back rolls. The ruched fabric will also create an optical illusion that makes you look slimmer in general by drawing attention up towards the chest area.

Blouson Top

The blouson top not only conceals belly fat but it also hides any back fat that you don’t want to be shown. There are different styles and they all are great if you’re looking for more coverage but still want to be cute and feel comfortable. 

How do you hide a big stomach in a bathing suit?

Body Shape

Knowing your body type can help you choose the perfect swimwear that conceals the things you’re no so happy with and enhance the areas you are. There are six main body shapes that you will fall within:

  • Hourglass 
  • Round, Oval, or Diamond
  • Straight 
  • Triangle or Pear 
  • Inverted Triangle or Apple Shaped

While knowing your body type can be helpful, it’s just a guide! You are fabulous and you can wear whatever bathing suit that you want – regardless of your body type. 

Side note: If you’re concerned with the thoughts (and possible dirty looks) of others . . . don’t be! If anyone has a problem with you wearing swimwear then that’s their problem – not yours!

Look Slimmer and Hide Belly Fat By Knowing Your Body Shape

Body Shapes

I get it, ladies . . . you are looking for a way to hide your tummy fat and look your best when wearing a bathing suit.

Well, now you can do both by just knowing what shape your body is! So check out the list below of body shapes and find yours. Once you know which category yours falls under, it’ll make choosing the right swimsuit a lot easier! 


Woman's Body Shape - Hourglass

An hourglass body type is great for most swimsuits. They usually figure-flattering and look really good on you! Women with a natural emphasis on their bust and hips look good in most swimsuits. 

Figure-flattering swimsuits to consider: any of the 9 types based on your preference.

Round, Oval or Diamond

Women with an oval body type are usually larger in the chest and abdomen areas. The shoulders, hips, and waist tend to be proportional while a woman’s widest point is around their belly or midsection. This shape can also vary into what’s known as “diamond-shaped” women who have fuller curves at the stomach area than they do on other parts of their bodies.  

Figure-flattering swimsuits to consider: peplum, ruching, tiered ruffles, blouson top, swim dress, prints/patterns

Woman's Body Shape - Oval or Round


Woman's Body Shape - Straight

One of the most common body types is straight. This type has a bust and hips that are basically equal in size, while their waist will be slightly smaller than those around it.

Figure-flattering bathing suits to consider: hight-waisted, color blocks, ruching, peplum, ruffles across the chest

Triangle or Pear shaped

The pear body type is defined by a more generous bust than what’s seen in the apple shape, and thighs that are wider but not as muscular as the athletic or inverted triangle. Pear-shaped women have hips that extend to their widest point before tapering out into narrower legs with a little definition from thigh to calf. You’re bottom-heavy.

Figure-flattering bathing suits to consider: high-waisted, two-piece, one-piece 

Woman's Body Shape - Triangle or Pear

Inverted Triangle or Apple Shaped

Woman's Body Shape - Inverted Triangle or Apple

An inverted triangle type of figure is when you have a large bust, narrow hips, and no defined waistline. You’re top-heavy.

Figure-flattering swimsuits to consider: high-waisted, color block, peplum

Top 21 Figure-Flatering Bathing Suits that Hide Tummy Fat

I’ve scoured the internet and found the top 21 best swimsuits that hide belly fat! The sizes range from size 0 to 32 (depending on the style). Check out the list below!

Concealing Tummy Fat with Swim Dresses

What is the best swimsuit to hide tummy?

We all love the beach and what it has to offer. Why not make a day more enjoyable by looking good while you’re at it!

Along with many other things, a swim dress (aka a skirtini) is perfect for hiding a fluffy tummy. They are also both stylish and comfortable. The best part about them is that they can hide a lot and they come in so many different colors and styles – so no matter your taste, one of these listed below will be perfect for you!

  • Sizes 16 Plus – 28 Plus
  • Offered in 18 colors/patterns (varies according to the size).
  • Swim dress. One-Piece. Boy shorts are attached under the skirt.
  • The skirt is a little longer than some so it gives more coverage.
  • Women sizes 0 – 30 
  • Peplum style.
  • Swim dress. One-piece. Adjustable straps.
  • Figure flattering.
  • Women sizes 4 – 22
  • Offered in 18 colors/patterns (varies according to the size).
  • Swim dress. Drawstring closure. One-Piece. Boy shorts are attached under the skirt.
  • Figure flattering.
  • Conceals the midsection and hips.
  • Women sizes 0XL – 4XL
  • Swim dress. Two-piece. High-waist bikini bottom. Removable pads.
  • Slight stretch.
  • Women sizes 6 – 28 
  • Offered in 18 colors/patterns (varies according to the size)
  • Swim dress. One-Piece. Bikini briefs under the skirt.
  • Tummy control. Adjustable straps. 

Post Pregnancy Bathing Suits

Your body may not look the way you remembered it after having a baby. . . Trust me I understand the struggle. Choosing the right post-pregnancy bathing suit is key! Depending on the areas you want to conceal and/or enhance will determine which of these options best fit your needs. 

If you want maximum coverage, I recommend a swim dress, tankini, or one-piece swimwear. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, slap a two-piece on and keep it moving! 😉

  • Sizes 2/4 – 16/18
  • One-piece.
  • Great for pregnancy and/or post pregnancy moms.
  • Made with wrap style in the front to make nursing the baby a breeze!

One-Piece Bathing Swimsuits that Hide Tummy Bulge

One of the most difficult things about having a little extra fluffiness is finding clothes that fit well AND that are stylish. If you’re looking to hide tummy fat, then you’ll love these one-piece swimsuits.

  • Sizes women’s 4 – 24
  • Offered in 22 colors/patterns (varies according to the size)
  • One-piece. Pull-on closure.
  • Front cross (which is optional). Ruching at the waistline.
  • Sizes women’s XS – 26 Plus
  • Offered in 37 different colors/patterns (varies according to the size).
  • One-piece w/ ruching, high neck, deep plunge back, see-through mesh cleavage in the front. 
  • Great option if you have large breasts.
  • Sizes women’s 0-20
  • Offered in 20 colors/patterns (varies according to the size)
  • One-piece. Lace-up closure. Plunging neckline.
  • Partially open in the back.
  • Sizes 10 – 30 
  • One-piece with sleeves. Zipper closure. 
  • Floral print.
  • Sizes women’s Small-3XL
  • Offered in 30 colors/patterns (varies according to the size).
  • One-piece. Halter style. Adjustable. Ruching. Tummy Control. V-neck.
  • Removable breast pads.
  • Sizes women’s 6-16
  • Offered in 39 colors/patterns (varies according to the size)
  • One-piece asymmetrical shoulder and ruffles along the neckline.
  • Tummy control mesh panel.
  • Runs small. Recommended to go up a size.
  • Sizes 0XL – 4XL
  • Multi-colored. Offered in 4 color options.
  • One-piece. Ruching. Deep V-Neck. Removable padding.
  • Figure flattering.
  • Sizes 0XL – 4XL
  • Multi-colored. Offered in 2 color options.
  • One-piece. Tied to the side. Removable pads.
  • Figure flattering.

Bikinis (Two-Piece) that Hide Belly Pooch

How are you feeling about your body? Is it time for a new look and feel? If so, take the plunge and get yourself a two-piece bathing suit. You’ll be looking and feeling great in no time at all.

  • Sizes M – 3XL
  • Offered in 4 colors/patterns (varies according to the size).
  • 2 different styles.
  • Two-piece. High-waisted.
  • Sizes 0XL – 4XL
  • Offered in 2 colors/patterns.
  • Looks like a swim dress but it’s not. Two-Piece bathing suit.
  • Great for hiding the tummy & hips.
  • Sizes M-4XL for the bottom
  • Sizes 38DD–42DDD for the top
  • High waisted.
  • Comes in 3 different prints/colors.
  • Sizes 12-22W
  • Offered in 10 colors/patterns (varies according to the size).
  • Two-piece tankini. Blouson style. Adjustable straps.
  • Sizes L – 4XL
  • Offered in 13 colors/patterns/ (varies according to the size).
  • Available in 2 different styles. 
  • Two-Piece.
  • Sizes women’s 4-16
  • Offered in 26 colors/patterns (varies according to the size).
  • Two-piece. High waisted. 
  • Women sizes L – 24 Plus
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Boy shorts.
  • Conceals tummy fat & hips.
  • Two-piece tankini.
  • Women sizes 8 – 32W
  • Offered in 9 colors/patterns (varies according to the size).
  • Two-piece tankini. Blouson style. 

Swim Shorts & Swim Skirts

Swim shorts & skirts are a great option when you are looking for something modest and comfortable. The good thing about wearing swim shorts & other bottoms is that you can mix and match them. You can wear what you feel most comfortable in and still show off those legs!

  • Women’s sizes 10 – 30
  • Only available in black
  • Very popular so I definitely recommend grabbing them when they are in stock.
  • Women’s sizes 10 – 30
  • Flowy & functional 
  • Shorts are attached under the skirt
  • Women’s sizes 10 – 30
  • Cute & comfortable.
  • Prevents thighs from chaffing.
  • Wide stretchy waistband.  
  • Provides more coverage. 

Figure Flattering and Stylish Bathing Suit Cover Ups

If you are looking to hide belly fat while wearing swimwear, bathing suit cover-ups are the way to go! Not only do they help conceal but they are also very stylish. 

"The Cover Up" Crochet Dress - Tabria Majors X FTF

  • Sizes 12 – 26/28
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Deep V-neck.
  • Women size S – XXL
  • Available in 14 different colors/patterns.
  • Long sleeve. Floor-length.
  • Sizes S- 3XL
  • Offered in 34 colors/patterns (varies according to the size).
  • Button up t-shirt style cover up.
  • Women size 16 Plus – 24 Plus
  • Ankle/Floor Length
  • Versatile. Can be worn in different ways.
  • Women size S – XXXL
  • Stretchy sheer material.
  • Elastic waistband. Straight Leg.
  • Sizes S- 3XL
  • Offered in 34 colors/patterns (varies according to the size).

Best 10 Places to Buy Swimsuits that are Figure Flattering

If for some reason you haven’t found the perfect bathing suit yet, this list of stores (where you can grab figure-flattering swimwear) is a great place to start. They have a great selection and the prices are very reasonable.

Tips & Tricks When Choosing & Maintaining Swimwear

  • It’s recommended you do not wear a bra under your swimsuit. Be sure to choose bathing suits that provide enough support.
  • Select the correct size. Every brand is different so be sure to read the size guidelines and take your measurements to confirm the right fit!
  • Never put your swimwear in the dryer. Always air dry them. The dryer will cause damage and they won’t last as long. 

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your size, you too can rock cute swimwear. It’s just a matter of knowing what works for your body and how the swimwear fits. 

So what kinda swimsuit are you gonna rock this year?  I would love to hear from you . . . Leave a comment below and let me know.

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