What to Do When You Find Out You're Pregnant

What to Do When You Find Out You’re Pregnant?. . . 20 MOST Important Things You Don’t Want to Miss

Did you just find out you’re pregnant?  Are you wondering what to do when you find out you’re pregnant?

Are you excited, shocked or a little bit of both? 😄

Are you a first-time mom?

Are you already a mom however it’s been some years since your last birth?

 Well, either way. . . Congratulations!!

It can be a little overwhelming after finding out you’re pregnant.  I mean your whole world is about to change, right?!?!

For some it’s the greatest thing on earth and others . . . not so much!! 

Either way, you have a little growing inside of you and you’ll have to do a number of things over the next 7-8 months (assuming you’re already 1-2 months pregnant). These things listed will definitely get you going and make things super easy for you. 

Side Note: These are not in a specific order because everyone is different, it’s mainly a guide to help you with your new pregnancy.

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What to Do When You Find Out You're Pregnant

What to do when you find out you're pregnant? . . . Keep clam!

1. Take multiple pregnancy tests. The pregnancy test will detect the hormone that your body produces when you are pregnant so if you get a positive result it’s more than likely you are definitely pregnant however it the results show negative, you’ll definitely want to take another test after another week or so (because you could get a false negative). Don’t forget to take pictures of the positive results!

I'm pregnant now what?

2. Tell your significant other. How are you gonna tell him? Are you gonna find a cute way to tell him or not so much? Either way is fine however it really depends on you. 

We did IVF with our first born so my hubby already knew everything however with this pregnancy (currently 30 weeks), I decided to just call and tell him (because he travels for work). 

3. Make a note of the date of your last menstrual cycle.  This is how your due is determined. Your doctor’s office will ask for this and you will use this later on with the pregnancy app. 

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4. Take prenatal vitamins.  This is probably one of the most important things that you will want to do for your growing baby. Most of us don’t get enough folic acid (and other things) in our regular diet so prenatal vitamins give you the nutrients you’ll need as an expecting mother. Folic acid is very important!! There are many different prenatal vitamins so you will want to double check the ingredients the prenatal vitamins actually have. One of my mommy friends is a nurse and she recommended I use these and they’ve worked well for me. I decided to go with these because of the amount of folic acid and iron they have.

Highly Recommended by Moms 

These are very popular with other moms. The soft gels capsule are an added bonus. 

5. Cut out bad/unhealthy habits & adopt new habits.  There are certain foods that you’ll want to avoid to help prevent listeriosis, a type of food-borne illness that affects pregnant women more often than the general population.  Some of the common foods to avoid include deli meats, hot dogs, raw and undercooked seafood and eggs, and foods made with unpasteurized milk.  

Pregnant women will also want to limit the amount of caffeine they drink. Here is a list of recommendations from The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Drink lots of fluids (preferably water). Less caffeine. No heavy lifting.

6. Choose an OB/GYN & schedule your initial prenatal appointment.  This may be a process in itself . . . Every office is different so how they process new pregnancies will vary depending on the office. They usually prefer you are at least 8 weeks pregnant for your initial appointment. 

Also keep in mind, the doctor is affiliated with certain hospitals so make sure you’re ok with those options. Ask for recommendations from other moms. They’ll also want to confirm your pregnancy. I would highly recommend making a list of all the questions that you have and be sure to get answers at your initial appointment. 

If you are a plus size mom (like myself), I highly recommend getting a size friendly provider. Trust me, you don’t want a OB/GYN that makes you feel uncomfortable just because you’re larger than the average size woman. This can make a big difference in your pregnancy journey so get recommendations from other local plus size moms if needed. 

7. Contact your health insurance company to verify your coverage. The OB/GYN office will do this but you will want to do it so that you can ask questions and get any clarification if needed. If you don’t have insurance, contact the appropriate programs that offer assistance to expecting mothers.

8. Get Pregnancy Updates & Track Baby’s Development. Using pregnancy apps are great because it helps you keep with the baby’s development, gives your updates and all kind of details about being pregnant and brith. Calculate Due Date. These are a few pregnancy apps that help with this.
  1. The Bump (Apple or Android
  2. Baby Tracker (Apple or Android)
9. Use a pregnancy journal. Keeping track of your pregnancy journey is something most moms love to do (especially first time moms). I personally didn’t use a pregnancy journal with my first however I am this time around. If you don’t want to buy one you can save by using a notebook you already have lying around or buy a regular notebook from the Dollar Store (for a $1). Oh . . . and be sure you take weekly pics (even if you don’t post them anywhere). 

Very popular with other Moms 

The perfect way to keep track your growing little one and your journey as new mommy.

What to do when you find out you're pregnant? . . . Prepare Financially

Money is a big deal when it comes to kids . . . from pregnancy all the way to adulthood. Preparing your family for extra expenses is going be essential.

10. Look for the best deal online. I don’t know about you but I live for deals!! I don’t like to pay more for things when that I can get a better price. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to save by finding deals. Let’s take a look at some of the resources that will help with this.

11. Download Great Money-Saving Apps and Signup for Reward Programs:

    • Checkout 21 – I’ve been using this app for years! It’s great because it gives you cash back on items you buy from the grocery store and for gas at your local gas stations.
    • Amazon – Signing up for Amazon Prime shipping is a really good way to save a few bucks. Not only do you get your packages sooner but their are other added bonuses as a member (etc. Prime video,  exclusive deals and offers, cash back, etc). I’ve been a member for over a year and I feel it’s definitely worth it. 
    • Target – If you’re a Target shopper and don’t have a Target RedCard then you’re missing out. You don’t have to sign up for an actual credit account, you can use your existing bank account (which is nice!). It allows you to save 5% on purchase, free shipping (on most items online), exclusive offers & deals, etc). I am able to rack up on diapers with deals and savings using my Target Redcard. 
  • Rakuteen – Use this link to sign up for a new account and get $10. It’s really easy to use and you’re basically saving money for online shopping you already do. When you shop online: log into your Rakuteen account, click on the store(s) you are looking to shop, then after completing your purchases you’ll receive cash rewards for your purchases. 

12. Open a savings account. Capital One 360 Performance Saving account is a great options because there are no fees and no minimum to open or maintain your account. 

What to do when you find out you're pregnant?. . . Start Planning!

I’m all for planning and preparing because I like to control as much of my situation as possible. While planning is great however sometimes life throws us curveballs so you still want to plan as much as you can. Even-though this may be easier said than done . . . try not to stay somewhat open 

13. Jump all in. Start reading and watching videos about all things pregnancy. My first pregnancy I read all kinds of books and watched hours of YouTube videos about labor stories, breastfeeding experiences, cloth diapers, etc. So even though every experience is different, it helped me set realistic expectations and know what I did or did not want.

14. Connect with other moms. Find and join mommy groups on Facebook and other social media platforms. You can also find local mommy groups however during this COVID-19 pandemic there aren’t as many options.

15. Decide who to tell and when. Your “official” pregnancy announcement? Start thinking about when you and your significant other feel comfortable sharing the info with friends and family. This will vary based on your situation but generally, it said waiting until after the 1st trimester is best. Because we did IVF with my first child, I wanted to wait until we were further along before I shared the news. This time around we feel ok with making the announcement at around 14-16 weeks (mainly because I have not gotten around to deciding how I want to make the announcement:)).

16. Start your baby registry. Creating a baby registry is great because it allows friends & family to buy the things you’ll new for the baby. I recommend Amazon’s baby registry because it’s free and they send you a free welcome baby kit. . .  I mean who doesn’t shop on Amazon?

17. Make room for baby. Do you have a separate room that you’re gonna convert into baby’s room, are you gonna make space in your bedroom, is it time to move? Start thinking about what is gonna work best for you. I know for me it was a lot easier to keep the baby in our room until she started sleeping through the night. I really didn’t want to have to wake up in the middle of the night and walk across the way to the baby’s room to feed her. Do what works for you. This might mean you may need to declutter and rearrange some things to make room.

18. Breastfeeding and/or formula? – start thinking about what you feel is gonna be best for you and your family. Every family is different. There is no right or wrong way so don’t feel pressured to choose an option that might not be suitable for you. Get familiar with both options because you may decide to breastfeed but later decide to use formula (or vice versa). If you decide to use formula, I highly recommend you do your research. Be sure to look into organic or gentle formula because something baby has a tolerence for certain formulas so you may have to do some testing.  

Side Note: If you have insurance, they’ll provide you with a breast pump at no additional cost. Call and order yours at least 60 days prior to your due day because you may go into labor early and/or it takes time to receive it. Don’t be like me and wait and until after the baby gets here.

Pump, Store, Warm, & Feed

19. Choose a name. Depending on how far along you are will depend on when you actually find out what gender will be. You might be the type that likes to wait or you may be like me and what to know right away.  You can start thinking about names and if you want to have a gender reveal or not.

20. List your due date & maternity leave options.  Just remember the baby could come before or after your due day so try not to wait until the last minute to prepare. Do you have maternity leave with your job? Are you eligible for FMLA should you need additional time off? Be sure to look into all your options prior to so that you know what’s what.

21. Take a birthing & breastfeeding class. Birthing classes are great for first-time parents so contact your doctors’ office, local groups, and/or hospital to see what options are available.

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What to Do When You Find Out You're Pregnant?

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