130 Cute Vintage Girl Names for Your Precious Baby Girl

So, you’re looking for the perfect vintage girl names, huh? 

Well, this list is gonna give you the most suitable retro girl names for your little lady. And just in case you wanna know what the name actually means and where it comes from, I’ve also listed the meanings as well. 



Abigal (Hebrew) – “joy of the father.”

Ada (German, Hebrew, Turkish, Igbo) – “noble, nobility”, “adornment”.

Addie (Old German and Old English) – “noble; son of Adam”. This name is considered to be a unisex name.

Adelaide (German) – “noble natured”.

Adele (German) – ‘nobility’ or adal, ‘noble’.

Agnes (Greek) – ‘pure’ or ‘holy’.

Alice (German) – “noble, exalted’.

Alma (Latin) – “feeds one’s soul” or “lifts the spirit”.

Amelia (English & German) – ‘work’, and connoting industriousness and fertility.”

Ana • Anna (Latin/Spanish) – “gracious, merciful.”

Ann • Anne (English/French) – “favored, Grace”.

Arlene • Arleen (Irish) – “free man”.

Aubrey (German) – “elf” and “ruler.”

Audrey (English) – “noble and strength.”


Barbara (Greek) – “strange” or “foreign”.

Blanche (Latin) – “white”.

Bernadette (French) – “brave bear”.

Bernice (Greek) – “bringer of victory.”

Bertha (German) “bright one”.

Bessie (English) – “God Is My Oath.”

Betty (English) – “God Is My Oath.”

Beulah (Hebrew) – “married.”

Bonnie (Scotland /French) – “pretty, attractive, good.”


Carol (English) – “free person or song.”

Carrie (English) – “free man, strong”.

Catherine (Greek) – “pure.”

Chelsea Chelsie Chelsey (English) – “chalk landing place”.

Cicely (English) – “blind”.

Claire Clair Clare Claire Clair (French) – “bright, clear.”

Cora – (Greek) “girl, maiden, daughter”.

Connie (English) – “constancy, steadfastness.”

Constance (Latin) – “constant.”

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Adorable Vintage Girl Names


Daisy (English) – “day’s eye”.

Della – (German) – “noble”.

Dolores (Spanish) – “sorrowful, pain.”

Doris (Greek) – “sea.”

Dorothy (Greek) – “God’s Gift”.

Dixie (French) – From The South In The U.S.

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Edith (English) – “riches or blessed.”

Effie (Greek) – “well-spoken, well regarded”.

Elaine (Greek) – “torch”, “beautiful”, “light”, “bright” and “shining”.

Elda – “Wise or prudent advisor.”

Eleanor (Hebrew) – “God is my light”.

Elizabeth (Hebrew) – “My God is an oath” or “My God is abundance”.

Ella (Greek, Norman, Hebrew) – “beautiful, fairy Maiden, Goddess”.

Emma (German) – “whole” or “universal”.

Esther (Hebrew) – “star”.

Ethel (English) – “noble”.

Eula (Greek) – “well-spoken”.

Eva (Hebrew) –  “life” or “living one”.

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Chic Retro Girl Names


Frances • Francis (Latin) – “from France” or ‘free one.”


Gail (Hebrew) – “joy.”

Gertrude (German) – “spear” and “strength”.

Gladys (Welsh) – “Princess, small sword.”

Gloria (Latin) – “glory, fame, renown, praise, honor.”

Grace (Latin) – ‘charm”.


Hattie – “home ruler.”

Hazel (English) – “hazel”.

Helen (Greek) – “shining light.”

Henrietta – “home ruler”.

Adorable Old Fashion Girl Names


Ida (German) – “labor, work”.

Iris (Greek) – “rainbow.”


Joan (Hebrew) – “Yahweh is gracious”.

Josephine – “(God) shall grow”.

Joyce – “Lord”.

Julia (Latin) – “youthful, downy”.


Kathryn  Katherine (Greek) – “pure.”

Kate (English) – “pure.”


Laura • Lora (Latin) – 


Lena – “generous and kind” or “she that allures”.

Leona (Latin) – “lion”.

Lilly • Lillie • Lily (English) – “lily flower”.

Lottie (French) – “little and womanly”.

Louise (German) – “famous warrior”.

Lucinda (Latin) – “light”.

Lucy (English, French) – “light.”

Lula (English) – “famous warrior”.


Mabel (English) – “lovable, dear”.

Mae • May (English) – “mother”.

Maggie (English) – “pearl”.

Margaret (French, Latin, Greek) – “pearl”, “cluster of blossoms”.

Marie –  “sea of bitterness”, “drop of the sea”, “star of the sea”, “rebelliousness”, “exalted one” or “wished for child”.

Martha (Aramaic) – “lady”.

Mary (Latin, Greek) – “bitter”, “beloved”, “rebelliousness”, “wished-for child”, “marine”, “drop of the sea”.

Mamie (American) – “mother”.

Mildred (Old English) – “gentle strength”. 

Minnie (Hebrew) – “sea of bitterness” or “sea of sorrow.”

Myrtle (Greek) – “a plant associated with love, peace, fertility, and youth.”

Adorable Vintage Girl Names


Nancy (Hebrew) – “grace”.

Nellie (English) – “light.”

Nora (Italian, German, Irish, Albanian, Scandinavian, Arabic, and Baltic) – “honor”.


Octavia (Latin) – “eighth”.

Olive (English) – “olive tree”.

Opal – “jewel”.


Pauline (French) – “little”.

Pearl (English) – “pearl”.

Peggy (Greek) – “Pearl”.

 Penelope (German) – “weaver”.

Phoebe (Greek) – “bright”.

Phyllis (Greek) – “green leaf.”

Priscilla (English) – “venerable, ancient, classical, primordial.”


Queenie (Old English) – “woman.” It is said to be used as an affectionate, or pet use, of the term queen.

Quinn – “wise”. “wisdom, intelligence.” This name is considered to be a unisex name.


Reva (Indian) – “star, goddess durga”.

Rose (Latin) – “rose”.

Rosemary (English) -“herb”.

Ruby Rubi • Rubie • Rubee ( English) – “red gemstone”.

Ruth (Hebrew) – “friend”.

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Sadie (English) – “princess”.

Sarah • Sara (Hebrew) – “lady”, “princess”, “noblewoman”, “happy” and “joy”.

Shirley (English) – “bright wood, bright meadow, from the white meadow.”

Sophia • Sofia (Greek) – “Wisdom”.

Susan (Hebrew) – “lily, rose, lotus flower”.

Sybil (Greek) – “prophetess”.


Thelma (Greek) – “will, volition.”

Theresa • Teresa • Therese (Greek) – “the hunt goddess.”


Ursula (Latin) – “little bear”.


Valerie (France, England, Ireland, Scotland) – “strong, brave (valiant), “fierce”.

Veda (Indian) – “eternal knowledge.”

Vera (Russian) – “faith.”

Vina (Spanish) – “from the vineyard.”

Viola (Italian) – “violet.”

Violet (English) – “purple/blue flower.” 

Virginia (Latin) – “maiden” or “virgin.” 


Winifred (English) – “peace friend.”


Zola (Latin origin) – “earth.” 

So, which of these names are your favorites? Drop a comment below and let me know! 

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