Best Baby Shower Gifts Ideas for Baby, Mom & Dad in 2023

Not sure what to get the new mommy-to-be? This is a list of the absolute best baby shower gift ideas for baby, mom & dad.

Because of everything going on with COVID, many moms have chosen to either do a virtual baby shower or have a small in-person baby shower. . . Either way she’ll love and appreciate these must-haves.

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Side Note: If really aren’t sure what to get mommy, remember that you can always get an Amazon gift card.

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Best Baby Shower Gifts for Mom

Pregnancy Journal – this can be a really good gift to give an expecting mom because it will allow her to keep track of her pregnancy journey and keep it for memories later on down the road. I didn’t use one of these with my 1st pregnancy but I really wish I did. This is one that I use now.

New Mom Survival Kit – this is basically a collection of things to help moms cope after having a baby. You can make one yourself or buy one. I love this because you can really personalize it!

Wine w/ New Mom Wine Labels – if the new mom is a wine drinker, you can buy a few bottles of the wine of her choice and then put these cute labels on the bottles. 

Maternity Postpartum Loungewear – having maternity loungewear will make things not only comfy but convenient for you! This one is popular with moms and goes up to a 3XL.
Robe – a maternity robe is a great comfy item to have. So convenient and can be worn during the hospital stay and while at home.
Slippers – provides extra comfort during the delivery and while at home. These are cute and come in different colors and/or prints.
‘New Mom’ Tumbler – great for drinking coffee, tea, or anything that mom is in the mood for – without anyone knowing what she’s drinking.

Water Cup – It’s important to stay hydrated during and after pregnancy (especially if you’re nursing)! I keep mine with me at all times. 

Spa time – this is all-time favorite with most moms. I mean who doesn’t like a day at the spa?

Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit – great for moms after baby arrives!

What is a unique gift for a baby shower?

To me a really good unique gift for a baby shower are things that you can buy from a typical baby registry. These things are normally service based gifts.

The time after baby arrives is considered the 4th trimester. This can actually be the hardest part of having a baby for most moms – not the pregnancy or delivery!  Having a baby is very physically and mentally challenging so getting a new mom something that she actually needs and appreciates will go a long way during this transition period for her.

Side Note: Due to COVID and the new mom’s preference, will determine if either of these are good options for her. I would highly suggest talking to the expecting mom and see what her thoughts are about any of these service offered.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts Ideas: Must-Haves in the 4th Trimester for New Moms

  • Newborn Photography Session 
  • Night Nanny Care 
  • BabySitter Service 
  • Meal Delivery Service 
  • Cleaning Service 

Best Baby Shower Gifts Ideas: Nursing Moms

Nursing Cover –  these are great to have when breastfeeding however not all moms use covers. Many moms feel they shouldn’t have to cover their baby’s faces while they feed. This one and this one are both plus-size friendly.

Manual breast pump is really good for catching milk from one boob (while you’re nursing baby on the other boob). Allows mom to use it on-the-go  . . . absolutely anywhere. Very popular with breastfeeding moms! 

Nipple Cream/Oil – this is an absolute MUST! If you don’t know. . . Breastfeeding is HARD so anything that helps mom get through it all will be greatly appreciated.

Good Baby Shower Gifts Ideas: Sleep for Mom & Baby

Getting enough sleep during the first few months is almost non-existent. It gets really tough during this time! Giving the gift of sleep to a mom that has just given birth is . . . PRICELESS!

Swaddles/Sleeping Pods – 99.9% of newborns are swaddled during the few months . . . You can go with the traditionalvelcro or this baby swaddle.

Sound machine – this helps mimic the sounds babies hear in the womb – helps the baby and mommy sleep!

DockaTot – this baby lounger is a very popular item that helps baby not only sleep but hang out while mom gets some time to do what she needs to.

Door Latch Cover – these fit over the door latch to make sure the door doesn’t make noise when the door is closed. 

Babocush – this will help soothe newborns with colic and/or gas. I personally can not wait to try this one myself!

Baby Carrier/Wrap – this is the lifeline of most moms getting anything done with a newborn.

Best Baby Shower Gifts Ideas: Taking Care of Baby at Home

Baby Monitor – give mommy peace of mind by keeping an eye on baby!

Waterproof  Crib Sheets – there can never be too many crib sheets – especially since these are used even after the baby becomes a toddler. Being waterproof is an added benefit since you don’t have to use padding. 

Portable Diaper Changing Station – very convenient for any mom. A changing station in different areas within the home is a plus!

Closet Dividers – These help mom keep baby’s clothes organized!

Best Baby Shower Gifts Ideas: Cool Baby Items for Moms On-the-Go

Stroller Organizer –  organization is key when juggling a baby and any other tasks – especially while on the go!

Stroller Phone Mount – I know that you already know how much we all spend on our phones nowadays. Well, this attached to the stroller and is the perfect hands-free solution!

On-the-Go Changing Mat – you can never have too many changing pads. This can be the main changing pad or an extra one kept in the car or at a family or friend’s house.

Tote Savvy – this is perfect for any mom that already uses a tote bag/purse or plan on using one – instead of buying a diaper bag.

Backseat Baby Mirror – the baby’s car seat has to be placed in the car in the reverse position so installing one of these helps mom keep an eye on baby while driving.

Best Baby Shower Gifts Ideas: Baby’s Care

Baby Wipe Warmer – these are said to be great for boy moms!

Non-Contact Thermometer – traditionally a regular thermometer will due however these are great to use as well. Great for the whole family to use!

Frida Baby Bundle – great “new baby” welcome gift . . . with a great value!

Cute Baby Shower Gifts Ideas

Door Sign – A really cute gift idea!

First Year Frame – moms usually take a gazillion pictures of the new baby! This frame allows them to keep track of baby’s first year.

Best Baby Shower Gifts Ideas: Just for Dad

Dad T-Shirt – when it comes to a baby shower everyone always thinks about baby and mom but hardly ever thinks of dad. This is the perfect thing to get a dad!

These are the best baby shower gift ideas for everyone . . . the baby, mom and even dad!  It’s a great list of unquie things to gift to an expecting mom. 

Be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know you’re thoughts. 

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Best_Baby_Shower_Gifts _Ideas_for_Baby_Mom_and_Dad
Best_Baby_Shower_Gifts _Ideas_for_Baby_Mom_and_Dad

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