Spectra S1 vs S2 : Which pump is better? [+ FAQs and Video]

Are you a pumping mama and wanna to know which is better. . . Spectra S1 vs S2? 

While the Spectra S1 and S2 are both high-quality breast pumps there are a couple of differences that might help you choose one over the other, so keep reading!

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How do I choose a breast pump?

When you need a breast pump, there’s no shortage of options. But before you start looking for the perfect one, figure out what type will work best based on how often it’ll be used and your budget. Because overall efficiency matters most, that’s why Spectra is voted best electric breast pump by many other nursing moms.

Let’s take a look at the features for both Spectra S1 and S2 models . . .

Features: Spectra S1 vs S2

  • Light-weight – just over 3lbs it’s extremely lightweight.
  • Closed system – this means the milk does actually circulate through the pump itself. This feature minimizes the possibility of contamination.
  • Settings are customizable – you can save the settings that work best for you so that you save time.
  • Efficient motors – the motors on both models are great. They can go up to 250mmHG. 
  • Color –  the easiest way to determine which model you’re looking at.
  • Powerful suction – allows you to express milk quickly and comfortably. A hospital-grade pump!
  • Night light – great for nighttime pumping. 
  • Minimum noise level – unlikely many other electrical breast pumps, both the S1 and S2 are quiet. 
  • LED digital display – a good feature to have when pumping at night.
  • Auto shut off – 
  • Easy to use – fairly easy to use however it may take a few times to determine which settings maximize your pumping sessions. To make things super easy for you in the beginning,  check out the quick start guide video below. 
  • Affordable replaceable Parts
  • Easy to Clean – there aren’t too many parts and the ones that are used are really easy to keep clean. 
  • BPA-free – using BPA products is always a plus in my book! 
  • Includes accessories
  • Single or Double Pumping Option – whether you are looking to pump one or both boobs at once, using both models will allow either.
  • Size – they are the same size. 
  • Portable – is made with a rechargeable battery and A/C power adapter.
  • Rechargeable – so an electrical outlet is not required.
  • Cost more – due to the rechargeable battery option this model is approx. $40 more in cost.
  • Color – blue is the only option with this model. 

Spectra S2 Differences (These are features the S2 doesn't have)

  • Corded – the S2 is not postable. It requires an electrical outlet. Must be used with the A/C power adapter
  • More Affordable than the S1 model – the S2 model is about $40 less in cost. 
  • Color – pink is the only option with this model. 
  • Availability – the S2 model is often offered by your health insurance company.

Disadvantages: Spectra S1 vs S2

  • Cost – the cost is on the high side compared to some of the other low-end models however it is a great value based on what you get from either model.
  • Flanges – it comes standard with size 22 and 24 flanges. Because everyone is so different you will need to measure the size of your nipples and choose the size flange in order to have a great pumping experience. 
  • Vibrates  – while the pumps are being used the vibrate slightly (it’s very minimum).
  • Tubing – it has been said the tubes can fall off while pumping. I personally have never experienced this but some moms have. I would just recommend that you make sure you have the tubes connected properly and you should be fine. 

So, is the Spectra S1 or S2 better?

To be completely honest, the main difference between the S1 and S2 is that the S1 model is portable because it is made with a rechargeable battery. Since it can be used with or without the A/C power adapter, it cost about $40 more. So, it really depends on what you prefer and your budget. 

I personally used the Spectra S2 with both of my pregnancies and have no complaints. 

Well, maybe just a little one. . .  

When I first got my Spectra S2, I wasn’t quite sure how to adjust the settings when I first started using it. Either way, using the Spectra breast pump (along with a good hand-free nursing bra) can be a game-changer for sure!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Spectra S1 vs S2

How long does it take to charge Spectra S1? Takes 3-4 hours to fully charge. Once charged you can get up to 3 hours of pumping before recharging it. Because everyone’s pumping sessions are different, you’ll get anywhere from 6-9 pumping sessions.

Do I have to wash pump parts after every use? You may be wondering how often you should sanitize your Spectra breast pump and its parts. That’s a good question! We recommend washing the pieces after every use, but if they’re clean from one wash to another, then all it takes is for them to get boiled once each day before their next use. It doesn’t take much time at all – just about 8 minutes in boiling water will do the trick (just make sure not to leave any plastic or silicone touching).

Is Spectra S1 better than Medela? Spectra is certainly a very high-quality breast pump, but there are some differences between the S series and Medela pumps that may make one more appealing than another depending on personal preference.

For example:

– Spectra has six different levels of suction while Medela only has two. If you’re looking for stronger suction, speaking from experience and reviews from other nursing mamas, Spectra will probably be the best option for you.

– Spectra’s numbers are in liters per minute while Medela is in milliliters.

– The S series pumps tend to last longer since they are designed for heavier use, and the motor lasts up to six years! 

Why use a breast pump? There are many reasons moms use a breast pump. If you want to be able to leave your baby with a friend/family member or childcare provider, you will want to have a milk supply to allow you to do this (unless you decide to use formula instead). Sometimes there may be something that prevents the baby from feeding directly from the breast. Being able to pump is a great option in this type of situation. 

How long does a breast pump last? The lifespan of a breast pump varies depending on how often it is used.  The Spectra S Series Pumps typically last longer since they are designed for heavier use, and the motor lasts up to six years!

Does insurance cover a Spectra breast pump Everyone’s health insurance coverage is different so it’s important you contact them directly or go here for assistance with determining which pumps are available to you.  

What comes in the box? The Spectra comes with everything you’ll need to single or double pump. This includes 2 sets of tubing, backflow protectors, flanges, duck valves, bottles, bottle necks, teat, bottle caps, and the A/C power adapter. **Be sure to sterilize the parts prior to using them. 

How Can I Get a Free Electric Breast Pump? If you have health insurance, 9 times out of 10 you will be given a breast pump however you will need to verify your options. You can contact your health insurance company directly or go to Byram Healthcare, Aero Flow, or Edge Park and they will check to see what you’re approved for and process the order for you. Either way is fine – just depending on your preference. For me, the first time around I ended up ordering the Spectra S2 on my own and then with Byram Healthcare with this pregnancy. 

Is there somewhere I can obtain Spectra manuals & guides?  Absolutely, you can access them here

Final Thoughts on Which is Better . . . Spectra S1 or S2?

If you want to be able to move around so that you can try to get more done and don’t care about paying an additional $40, then the Spectra S1 is the way to go! Otherwise, grab the S2 (which is the same pump besides being portable) and call it a day! 

Which one are you considering? Leave me a comment below and let me know. 

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