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How to Setup & Organize Your Much Needed Diaper Changing, Pumping and Breastfeeding Station

If you’re like me . . . using a diaper changing, pumping & breastfeeding station is an ABSOLUTE must! I set up mine and it’s been a game changer for the last 9 weeks. 

Remember you have options. . . You can choose to set up your baby station to keep in one place/room or mobilize it so that it can be moved from room to room when needed.  I personally love the mobile option! If you prefer to have your diaper changing & breastfeeding station kept in one place, that’s definitely ok too!

Trust me either way, you’ll love having everything you need at your fingertips (making your life easier during the 4th trimester and thereafter)! It’s really convenient and less stressful to have everything you’ll need all on the cart & roll it wherever you are within your home. 

Because everyone’s situation and home is different, what you decide to put on the cart and how you decide to organize it will depend on you.  This guide is to help you visualize and setup your cart. This is gonna be your new best friend 😉 

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What you'll need to setup your changing, pumping, and breastfeeding station

Pumping_Diaper Changing_Breastfeeding_ Station

When it comes to setting up the ultimate diaper changing, pumping & nursing station you’ll need a few things to get started:

  • 3 or 4 tier rolling cart – this thing is great because it keeps all your diaper changing and breastfeeding essentials all in one place. It can be rolled to any room in the house! I personally bought and use this one.
  • Storage bins/baskets – you can get creative with these and get different styles and colors. I got this one. If you’re looking to save a few coins, look around your house for things that you can use (ex. shoe boxes, organization bins, etc.).
  • Download a Baby Tracker App – This app has been my go-to (I’ve used it for both of my pregnancies) when it comes to keeping track of feedings, diaper changes, and how the baby sleeps. I even used it during our hospital stay when the baby was born (for iPhones or androids).

Stationary Diaper Changing and Nursing Station

If you prefer a baby nursing station  that isn’t mobile be sure to:

  • Choose a location within your home that’s both comfortable & cozy. This could be the nursery, your bedroom, the living room, etc. You will be spending a lot of time here so be mindful of that. Also, consider the fact that you may find the need to set up two separate stationary breastfeeding stations – one for the daytime (maybe in the living room or your room) and one for at night (maybe in the nursery or your room). If you decide to set up two separate nursing stations, you will also need two or everything. For instance, I could place my Spectra S2 on one and my Freemie on the other.
  • Invest in really good back support . . . thank me later! 🙂 So, this can be you using a ton of fluffy pillows, a supportive pillow, or a breastfeeding pillow. Either way, it’s an absolute must if you don’t want your back to start giving you problems.

Side Note: Good back support is something you’ll definitely need for both a stationary or mobile diaper changing & breastfeeding station. 

Diaper Changing & Breastfeeding Station Essentials (1st Tier)

Pumping_Diaper Changing_Breastfeeding_ Station
  • A cup – if you’re a breastfeeding mom or not, staying hydrated is an absolute must. Fill it with your desired drink of course. . . I mostly keep water in mine.
  • Snacks – keep a few snacks on the cart for those times you may get a lil hungry or just looking for something to snack on. You can keep regular snacks and lactation snacks for breastfeeding mamas.
  • Diapers – of course, everyone has their favorite brands to use. I actually like using disposable and cloth diapers.
  • Wipes – the softer these are the better for the baby’s bum. I started using these because I wanted to see if I would like them. . . I’m glad I did because they are great!
  • Diaper cream – something you may not use that often or at all for that matter but it’s great to have should you need it.
  • Onesies – you will want these in arm’s reach if there’s an explosion . . . trust me (don’t ask me how I know. . Ha!)
  • Socks – you’ll need them for the baby from time to time.
  • Infant washcloths – can be used for just about anything.
  • Gas relief items – will vary depending on you and the baby. I keep a baby belly band & gas drops on hand. I tried gripe water with my firstborn however it didn’t seem to work that well for us so I didn’t bother this time around. Some moms live by it so it may be something you want to try should baby have really bad gas.
  • Pacifiers – if you have introduced pacifiers, be sure to keep a few extras.
  • Burp clothes and/or a small towel – I use burp cloths all the time. They are great for not only when you burp the baby but also wiping the baby’s mouth throughout the day, etc.
  • Changing Pad – good to use when you change the baby’s diaper. You can get this one and/or use the one that comes with your diaper bag. Having an extra one is definitely nice!
  • Vitamins and/or Medication 
  • Lip balm prevent dry lips throughout the day & night.

Nursing Station Essentials (2nd Tier)

Pumping_Diaper Changing_Breastfeeding_ Station
  • Nursing bras – if you’re breastfeeding, you can never have too many of these close by! 🙂 Here’s a list of the best plus-size nursing bras & tanks.
  • Electric pump – because there are so many to choose from, be sure to check with your health insurance company to verify which ones they offer. This post is a list of the best breast pumps & reviews from other pumping mamas. My faves are this one (hands down) and this one.
  • Breast pump (manual) – an absolute must-have!! It’s especially great to use to catch your let-down (while the baby is feeding on the other boob).
  • Nipple cream – I’ve been using it since baby arrived and it has helped big time! Some moms prefer to use coconut oil and/or breastmilk as well.
  • Nipple shield – I haven’t had to use one of these yet however I like keeping it around just in case I do.
  • Comb and brush
  • Nasal aspirator (manual or electric) – I’ve always used a manual one however I decided to try an electrical one and won’t be going back! Ha! The electrical ones are very effective and convenient.
  • Thermometer – always keep one of these around. You can get one that scans or an old-school thermometer like mine. 🙂
  • Baby soap – there are so many options to choose from. I like using this for my son.
  • Breast pads – disposable pads or cloth breast pads . . . I use both!
  • Milk Storage bags
  • Vaseline – good to use to help prevent diaper rashes & also when healing from a circumcision.
  • Hand sanitizer – you can never have enough of hand sanitizer around  – especially nowadays. You want to keep your hands as clean as possible when handling the baby.

Breastfeeding Station Essentials (3rd Tier)

Pumping_Diaper Changing_Breastfeeding_ Station
  • Flange inserts – most breast pumps come with 24mm and/or 28mm flanges. Well, because using the RIGHT size flange is so important you may need to purchase the right size for you or opt for flange inserts. I actually like the inserts because I use them with different pumps.
  • Bottles – you can never have enough bottles! Here is a list of the top best bottles for breastfed babies.
  • Extra items – great idea to keep a few extras of things you use the most.
  • Miscellaneous items – this can be anything that you don’t want or can’t fit on the other 2 tiers. For me, this is a baby nasal aspirator, bottles, breast pump machine parts, European organic baby formula, items we used after my son’s circumcision (gauze & vaseline packets), my blood pressure machine (my blood pressure was elevated after having my son), and pulse oximeter.

The Takeaway

There’s so much that goes into taking care of a newborn. The 4th trimester and thereafter is very challenging . . . Having everything you need at your fingertips makes this stage so much easier for you. 

Make sure you put your mobile pumping, diaper changing and nursing station together well before the baby arrives (if you can). 

Did you find this article helpful? Please leave a comment below and let me know.

Until next time. . . XOXOX

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Diaper Changing_Breastfeeding_Station
Diaper Changing_Breastfeeding_Station

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