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Top 15 Best Breast Pumps & Reviews from Other Pumping Mamas in 2023

Choosing the best breast pump can be hit or miss at times however this list will help you narrow down your options for the perfect fit!

If you are wondering . . . Which breast pump brand is best? There are several things to consider when determining which breast pump to choose:

  • Do you have health insurance? Which options are provided by your health insurance company? If your insurance company doesn’t offer the pump that you want, be sure and check if you have the option to pay an additional fee to upgrade to a preferred breast pump.
  • Do you want an open or closed system?  A closed system has backflow protection which keeps the motor and tubing clean, preventing contamination.
  • Do you want portability? Where will you be pumping the most?
  • Which bottles go with which breast pump and/or which adapters are available?
  • Do you have large breasts? When it comes to using a  breast pump, it doesn’t matter the size of your breast. What’s important is the correct sized flange(s)  & a good nursing bra. 

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If you plan on nursing your new baby, you’ll quickly realize how important a good breast pump is needed (not as much in the very beginning but definitely after the 1st few weeks).

With my 1st born, she came a couple of weeks early and I didn’t call my health insurance company until a few weeks later. I ended up choosing the Spectra S2 Plus and I’m so glad that I did. I just wish that I would have requested it sooner. So, learn from my mistakes . . . you want to order your breast pump prior to baby’s arrival (if you can). That’s one less thing you have to worry about and then you’ll have it on hand should you need to get help from a lactation specialist.

Money & Time-Saving Tips for moms that pump:

  • If you do not have health insurance or you prefer to have 2 different breast pumps brands, I highly recommend checking Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Offer Up, or LetGo to see if you can get one at a really good price. You’ll be surprised what deals you’ll come across.
  • I’ve said before . . . There are mixed reviews because there are so many different preferences and experiences. Be sure to read the reviews posted by other breastfeeding mamas. These reviews will give you a better idea of what to expect and useful tips.

Best Double Electric Breast Pump : Top Rated by moms

Voted #1 breast pump

Starting at $159 at Amazon

Also available at:

This is by far the best performing electrical double breast pump brand available to breastfeeding mamas. I personally used this with my first pregnancy and it worked great! My health insurance company provided my with a few options and I’m so thankful that I choose this one (over the other pumps). The settings allows it to mimic baby (which is great for your milk supply).

  • Has a closed system
  • Offered in pink & white
  • Single or double pump capability
  • Hospital-grade
  • Quiet & discreet
  • Built-in night light
  • A/C adapter
  • Easy to clean
  • Accessories can be purchased from Target or Walmart

I LOVE this pump SO much!! First baby I had Evenflo pump and my lactation consultant said a formula company shouldn’t make pumps. It was a horrible pump. This one though is so great. It’s everything that it says it is. I have a hard time pumping on one side, it doesn’t do the job like baby does. But this pump got more out than my last one! Big win for me! Plus it didn’t take that long to pump as well. Easy to clean too and is very quite.

Voted #1 breast pump​

Starting at $199.99 at Amazon

Also available at:

Very similar to the S2 however this model has a built-in battery so that makes this model a great portable option.

  • Has a closed system
  • Offered in blue & white
  • Quiet & discreet
  • Built-in battery / 3-hour battery life (which is a more portable option than the S2 model) & A/C adapter
  • Single or double pump capability
  • Easy to clean
  • Accessories can be purchased from Target or Walmart

I purchased this pump after my Medela stopped working. For my pregnancies I used Medela, never switching. For my third I just stuck with what I knew. Then one day i went to pump and it had stopped working. Engorged I made my way to Target and purchased the Spectra because it was cheaper and why not? My only regret is that I hadn’t switched after my first. It’s so much quieter, portable, and even has a night light!! I love being able to bring this with me everywhere. The hoses don’t get fluid in them due to their suction. I just LOOOOOVE this so much and will be recommending spectra 1000% If you have to fault it - and only if you’re truly nitpicking, it’s a little bulkier but I will choose Sprecta any day.

Starting at $159.99 at Amazon

Also available at:

This electric double breast pump brand is popular but it seems it a hit or miss with many moms. Some moms LOVE it and others not so much. If you’re on the fence I would definitely recommend considering the Spectra S1 or Spectra S2.

  • Has an open system – which means there will be condensation that could cause mold
  • Very popular with other moms
  • It’s noisy
  • Some moms say that the suction is not as good – they were unable to get more than 2-3 ounces at a time
  • Easy to buy replacement parts and/or accessories from local retailers like Target, Walmart, etc
  • Battery pack & A/C adapter

I used the rental Medela Symphony for 2 weeks and it worked really well. However, when I switched to Medela Pump in Style, I got breast engorgement and almost got mastitis because the suction is too bad that it doesn't let the milk get pumped out efficiently and my supply went down in half of what I used to pump before. Also, I had to put it at the maximum suction to get some out, but it hurt really bad! I regret for choosing this pump. Thankfully, my sister gave me her Spectra and I saw a tremendous change in supply as the suction is very good and it doesn't hurt. I wouldn't recommend this pump at all.

Double Electric Breast Pump : Other Popular Breast Pump Brands Offered by health insurance co.

Starting at $145 at Amazon

  • Portable. Light-weight.
  • Has a closed system.
  • Great suction. Hospital-grade.
  • Quiet & discreet.
  • Battery operated & A/C adapter. 

I love this pump already. I was surprised how small and light it is! I can fit it into my diaper bag if I need to! They send a couple of samples (breast pads and lanolin) with the product along with free replacement parts and a chart guiding which parts need to be replaced and how often (yearly versus every six months) for cleanliness and optimal pumping.

Starting at $229 at Amazon

  • Has a closed system.
  • Hospital-grade.
  • Built-in night light.
  • Battery operated (2-hour battery life)  or non-battery operated models.

I got this through my insurance but I love this pump. It’s quiet, powerful and holds its charge very well. It’s also small enough to fit in my nightstand.

Best Breast Pump

This double electric breast pump brand is not as popular.  Some insurance companies will automatically supply this pump (without an alternative option). If you want to learn more on this pump, I highly recommend checking out some of the YouTube review videos.

  • Closed system.
  • Portable. Light-weight. Ultra-Compact.
  • Hospital-grade.
  • Quiet & discreet.
  • Accessories can be purchased here.

Starting at $149.99 at Amazon

  • Closed system.
  • Ultra-silent & gentle.
  • Chargeable battery.
  • Portable. Lightweight.
  • Battery-powered & A/C adapter. 

Went from using an Ameda May to the Ardo Calypso. My output increased dramatically while using the flange inserts. I love that you can increase and decrease the suction and the cycle to your comfort and to stimulate let down! Parts are easy to clean. The pump can be used with batteries or with a power cord depending on where you need to pump! Overall great quality of all the parts!

Starting at $127.99 at Amazon

  • Bluetooth compatible. Connects with an App
  • Closed system.
  • Ultra-quiet.
  • A/C adapter.
  • Lightweight.

I enjoyed having different pumping phases, and the app made it easy to track and use. And the to-go battery option made it easy to pump in the car made it so convenient. I would definitely recommend it to moms. The pump was easy to set up, easy to use and easy to clean.

Breast Pumping Must Haves: Collection Bag Adapters

These adapters will allow you to pump directly from most breast pumps into a collection bag (for storage). 

Starting at $89.99 at Amazon

  • Closed system.
  • Ultra-quiet.
  • Portable. Compact. 
  • Battery-powered, A/C adapter, & USB chargeable. 
  • Lightweight.
  • Double pump capability.

Omg I must say this is a high quality pump and gets the job done efficiently more than my medela pump I love the suction it’s soooo strong

Best Hands-Free Portable Breast Pumps Brands

Best Breast Pump

Starting at $189.99 at Freemie

  • Convenient. Portable. Pump anywhere, anytime. 
  • Hospital-grade suction.
  • Collects up 8oz of breastmilk in each cup.
  • Accessories can be purchased here.

I got the cups that hook up to my spectra s2. I love it. I use it at night on the opposite side I’m nursing on and love that I have my hands free. I’ve also been using it during my virtual grad school classes and plan to use it during my lunch break when I’m back at work. The suction is great when hooked up to my S2. Would definitely recommend.

Starting at $499 at Amazon

Also available at:

The idea of this is great! I mean we are all busy and looking for a convenient way to pump, right? While on the pricer side, these are a big hit for some moms however there are mixed reviews. Not sure how well these work with large breasted moms. I highly suggest you take the time to do your research. 

  • Portable. Pump anywhere, in any position.
  • Designed so that you can pump and pour or store.
  • Quiet and easy to clean.

I purchased this Willow Pump and have been using it for around 3 weeks now. This pump DOES serve the purpose of allowing mobility while pumping- however there are a few drawbacks. First, this pump is terribly painful. There is nothing “gentle” about it. Even when using the right size flange, and ensuring appropriate alignment of “the girls”, it still feels like a hacksaw has gone off in your bra. It is tolerable ONLY on the first two vacuum settings- anything above that and you will end up with cracked nipples that take a week to heal. Second- the spill proof bags are NOT spill-proof. Milk immediately leaks from the top of the bag where it connects to the flextube. I have tried several different ways to prevent this and end up with the same result. The same happens with the flange- I have managed to save that milk by emptying the containers over a clean dish and then emptying into whatever bottle I am using. Lastly, this pump is pretty loud for one that is supposed to be quiet and discreet. You can hide it if using a bra plus tank top AND thicker material shirt- but just a pumping bra and shirt does not muddle the sound. I do overall like this pump and am willing to deal with those few drawbacks to have the ease of mobility- but it could be greatly improved if those few things were dealt with in the next model.

Do you have large breasts? . . . These are essentials:

Starting at $499 at Amazon

I love the idea however I’m not sure it’s a good fit for everyone. Due your due diligence and see if these would be a good option for you. Watch as many review videos and read as many reviews as you can to get a better perceptive.  

  • Convenient. Portable. Pump anywhere, anytime. 
  •  Wearable. Small and lightweight.
  • Use smart app.

I really love this machine it's very easy to use and assemble. I'm really really enjoying being free while pumping. I can do laundry, clean .. basically do anything I want. All you need is a tight bra. The pumping speed was a little slow though ( compared to the medela for instance) but I wouldn't mind since I can move around. I would rather be free for an hour than to be plugged to a wall for 20 minutes!!! Definitely recommend it

Starting at $199.99 at Amazon

Also available at:

  • Convenient. Portable. Pump anywhere, anytime. Compact.
  • Quiet & discreet.

This pump is amazing! I was confused between elvie, willow, Bella baby, baby Buddha and after a lot of research (articles, blogs, reviews, ratings, Facebook groups) finally decided to buy baby Buddha. I switched from spectra S2 and I use BB pump with freemie cups. It takes some trial and error to figure out the suctions settings and what suits you. It has a strong suction, easy to carry around, small size (it is smaller than an iPhone X), decent battery life (lasts two good 30 min sessions). Also, their customer service is excellent! They are very helpful and responsive. They also have a Facebook group where you can discuss pumping tips/advice. I would highly recommend this pump if you’re a new mom!

Best Manual Breast Pumps Brands

Starting at $12.94 at Amazon

Also available at:

The Haakaa manual breast pump is all the rave with a lot of moms. These are great to use while you’re nursing. When the baby is sucking on one side, you place this on the other breast so that it catches the milk that comes out. I too have actually used this and will definitely be using it with this pregnancy as well.  Depending on your preference, you can purchase 2 and/or the lid. I don’t have the lid but I will probably purchase one because it’s easy to spill the milk if you have a lot going on or don’t store the milk immediately.

  • Convenient. Portable. Pump anywhere, anytime. 
  • Great to use during each nursing session. 

I absolutely love this little device. I wish I had known about it with my other two children! I attach this to the other breast while my infant nurses and I usually get 3-4 ounces. It’s effective and very gentles on my nipples. This is a must have for all nursing moms

Starting at $24.27 at Amazon

Also available at:

  • Lightweight and convenient 
  • Portable. Pump anywhere, anytime. 
  •  Features a soft-touch, ergonomic swivel handle for enhanced comfort

I’ve tried a lot of pumps but never a hand pump. This Medela hand pump is amazing! The suction is great. It’s interchangeable flanges are awesome for customizing. So easy to use a hand pump instead of getting all hooked up to pump. My favorite combo is this and the Haakaa.

Starting at $17.26 at Amazon

Also available at:

  • Convenient. Lightweight. Portable. Pump anywhere, anytime. 
  •  Easy to clean and use.

This manual breast pump is a breastfeeding mom must have! I bought this for my second child and am wondering why I didn’t invest for my first. I did a lot of research on pumps before purchasing and the reason I chose this one was because it came with a size 28 flange in the box. Other brands do not even make a size 28. The suction is great and so is the output. I mainly use this when I get engorged before bedtime and need some relief or if dad supplements with a bottle I will use this to pump quickly. This will also come in handy when I go back to work, I will be able to use the manual pump in between the electric pump for relief since I work out of my car.

The Takeaway

When it comes to choosing the best breast pump, you really need to decide where are you gonna be pumping the most and what options will make things easier for you.

I would love to hear from you . . . Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know which of these listed is your favorite breast pump and/or let me know if you have any questions.

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