Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

Top 7 Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies in 2023

Breastfeeding can be extremely challenging and getting your baby to drink breastmilk from a bottle instead of your breast can be just as challenging. . . It may even become very stressful! This is exactly why I’m giving you the ultimate list of the best bottles for breastfed babies.

Finding the right bottle for breastfed babies can make or break this process but it REALLY depends on your baby. 

Your baby won’t take your breastmilk from a bottle . . . only the breast?

Every baby is completely different. You may have to try a few (maybe all of them) until you find the one that works best for baby.

 We need our little ones to drink from a bottle for different reasons:

  • so that family, friends, childcare providers will be able to feed the baby
  • you may not be producing enough breast milk so you need to supplement w/ formula
Regardless of the reason, this list will help you take the stress out of it all and get your little taking a bottle.

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Why Moms Love Nanobebe breastmilk bottles for breastfed infants

This system is fairly new (launched in 2018). Voted the best bottle for breastfed babies by moms just like you! 

  • Preserves breastmilk nutrients
  • Warms faster
  • The shape of the bottle mimics the breast so it’s familiar to baby
  • It’s easy to use and very convenient 

I will be trying this system out this time around. It looks like this is a great system to use. I will be sure to post an update once I’ve had a chance to use it with out little one.

As a new mom I had no clue how hard it would be introducing my baby to a bottle while breastfeeding. My daughter would reject the bottle and only drink from my breasts. I'm so glad that one of the other moms recommended Nanobebe to me. My little now drinks my breastmilk from the Nanobebe bottle too!

Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

Why Moms Love Munchkin LATCH bottles

These are a great choice for your little one. I personally have used these and plan on using them with my 2nd child (due Jan 2021). Having 3 stages of the nipple’s flow is an added benefit. 

  • The shape of the bottle mimics the breast so it’s familiar to baby 
  • Anti-colic valve prevents air bubbles to reduce gas and fussiness 
  • Pressure against the nipple releases milk as baby sucks . . . just like the breast.

I quickly realized that I had to get my little one to drink from a bottle because I had to return to work after maternity leave. I tired many different bottles and Munchkin Latch anti-colic bottles were the only ones that worked for us. I had to get a faster flowing nipple in the beginning but after that my little one LOVE them!

Why Moms Love MAM Easy Start Antic Colic baby bottles

These are very popular with moms that breastfed and also supplementing with formula. 

  • The nipple mimics the breast so that it easy to switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • It has a anti-colic design system to reduce colic, gas and reflux symptoms
  • Easy to clean & sterilize

MAM bottles are amazing! They were a complete game changer for us. I've used them for over 10 years!

Why Moms Love Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding System

This system makes things super easy! The bags are disposable so you are only left to clean and sterilize the nipples.  

  • No milk transfers
  • No lost milk
  • No dirty bottles
  • Safe & convenient way to collect, store & feed your baby breastmilk
  • Get a FREE starter kit here (only pay $6.99 for shipping) 
Side Note: It isn’t recommended to reuse the bags however some moms do.

This system is the bomb! My daughter has never taken a bottle but will take Kiinde. It's really convenient! . . . Our daycare loves them too!

Why Moms Love Philips Avent Natural bottles for breastfed infants

Are offered in glass or plastic and in anti-colic options. 

  • Natural nipple shape and feel makes it easy for baby to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding
  • Wide breast-shaped nipple promotes a natural latch on
  • Ultra-soft, flexible nipple mimics the feel of the breast

Think we've found a winner for our 4 month old. Never leaks like the other hi-end brand.

Why Moms Love Comotomo Natural Feel bottles

Lots of moms LOVE these bottles. I remember trying these but my little one didn’t like them so that’s why it REALLY depends on your baby and what they will take. 

  • The nipple stretches 
  • Anti-colic valve prevents air bubbles to reduce gas and fussiness 
  • Scratch-resistant, bacteria-resistant, shatterproof and leak-proof

It was hard getting my little one to latch properly & I was concerned my supply was not enough so we started using a bottle early on. My little one ended up taking the Comotomo bottles very well.

Breastfeeding can be extremely challenging and getting your baby to drink breastmilk from a bottle instead your breast can be just as challenging. . . Which bottle should you use?

Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

Why Moms Love Dr. Brown Natural Flow Options + Glass Bottles

These come in standard and the wide neck option. Most moms love the wide neck style so if you decide to try these I would recommend the wide neck bottles. 

  • Natural feeding with a breast-like nipple 
  • Anti-colic vent system which reduce colic, better preserves nutrients, aids in digestion for a good night’s sleep, and provides a flow rate that supports breastfeeding
  • BPA free, top-rack dishwasher & sterilizer safe 

Side Note: With these (especially with the wide neck style) make sure that you don’t over tighten the lid, don’t keep it sealed while warming the milk & don’t insert the green piece until after you’ve warmed the milk. 

We've only ever used Dr. Browns (besides the boob) and have always had good luck. My daughter is now 11 months and has never spit up.

Why Moms Love Enfamil Nipples

Because it can be tough finding a bottle/nipple that your baby will take, these are great option to try – especially if nothing else works. 

  • Will fit most bottles with standard or classic size openings
  • Made from surgical-grade plastic and doesn’t contain latex (which has a softer feel)
  • Allows airflow during feeding 
  • There are 3 flows to choose from (slow flow, standard, or cross-cut)
  • Individually wrapped & disposable

I started getting stressed out because my little wouldn't take a bottle. One of the moms recommend trying these and it saved us!! . . . So thankful!

The Takeaway

While this process may become a little stressful just remember it’s not about you . . . Because every baby is different, you will have to test which bottles will your breastfeed baby will take. Try to stay clam and buy a few of these bottles ahead of time so that you have a few to try when needed. 

I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts. 

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Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies
Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

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