Newborn Baby Checklist Printable

Preparing for Newborn Baby Checklist + Free Printable PDF

When preparing for the arrival of your new baby, this is the ultimate baby checklist to help you do just that! This is a list of essentials that you don’t wanna not have on hand when the baby is here however depending on your preference and your baby will determine a lot of it. 

I’ve made it easy for you by putting this list in a PDF form so that you can print it and/or save it when making your baby registry, packing your hospital bag, and making those last-minute preparations for baby’s arrival. 

I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant and in the process of packing my hospital bags and getting everything that I’ll need for the baby. It’s crazy because you think 9 months is a long time however I feel like the time is flying by. . . It’s like I’m gonna blink and the baby will be here. 

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Have you thought about where the baby will sleep yet? . . . in your bed? Next to your bed in a bassinet? In a separate room in a crib?

If you are having a c-section or will be breastfeeding, you’ll probably end up having the baby co-sleep since it would be much easier for you.

It’s really up to you but I suggest you do what’s best for you and the baby! I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant and plan to have baby sleep in a bassinet next to our bed mainly because I know how challenging (extremely exhausting) it is with nighttime feedings. 

I personally would probably consider our baby sleeping in the bed with us but between my husband (heavy sleeper) and my 4 year old (wild sleeper) I don’t feel that would be safe. 

Now, of course, it will get better at night but the first couple of months are really tough! After the baby starts sleeping at least 5 hours or more at a time, I’ll start putting the baby in the crib in a separate bedroom. 

Some moms prefer to have the baby sleep in the nursery however you may decide to try different things until you find what works better you. 

Newborn Baby Checklist

Bedside Bassinet – when you want the baby to sleep close to you at night or throughout your home during the day but not in your bed. These are normally only used for the first 5-6 months of birth.

Consider what features are most important (ex. how high/low does the height adjust, do you prefer mesh walls all around, does it play sound and/or vibrate, and/or stable (doesn’t tilt). This one is very popular and is the one we’re gonna go with this one.

Co-Sleeper  – when you’re looking to co-sleep and want the baby to sleep next to you in your bed. This is great for lounging as well!

Crib – while it is usually a must-have on your newborn baby checklist, there are so many different options to choose from. You’ll want to consider the space where the crib is gonna fit, if the height can be adjusted and then converted into a toddler bed later on. This one is affordable, comes in several colors, and compact in size.

Crib Mattress – confirm if the crib comes with your preferred mattress. If it doesn’t come with one or you don’t like the mattress it comes with be sure to buy one of your choice and/or use a mattress pad.
Crib Mattress Protector Cover – helps keeps the mattress dry and clean. Also, it helps keeps 2-bed settings on the mattress at a time.
Crib Sheets – consider waterproof sheets.
Baby Blanket – it is recommended loose blankets are not kept in bed or bassinet with a newborn however they are good to have in general.

Baby Monitor – if you’re a first time mom you’re probably are gonna want to keep a close eye on your new baby. . . I know I did!! Ha! We invested in this one and have been using it ever since. 

Swaddle/Sleeping Pods – it is recommended baby is swaddled while sleeping however every baby is different and not all babies like to be swaddled. Great if you like the traditional swaddle or the made for you swaddle (with velcro)!

Sound Machine – these are a must-have for new babies. Getting as much sleep as possible is ideal so anything that helps the baby is a plus in my book!

Door Latch Cover – great for keeping the door from slamming.

Humidifier – this is great for the baby to help with adding moisture to the air – which helps tremendously with breathing. It clears up mucus. We bought this one and still use it for our 4-year old at night.

Laundry Basket – this is similar to what we use and it’s been great! It also grows with the baby.

Newborn Checklist

Colic, Gas & Reflux Baby Essentials

Baby Belly Band – these come highly rated with other moms so I’ve decided to give them a try. Trust me . . . If the baby develops gas or reflux and gets fussy you will want something to help relieve the discomfort quickly.

Babocush – helps soothe a colic baby.

Gripe Water/Gas Drops – this may or may not work for your baby however it works well for most. You can also use other alternatives. 

Newborn Baby Checklist


Baby Swing – I probably say this alot but all babies are different. Some babies LOVE swings/rockers and others not so much. Depending on your baby will determine which one you get. For me, this is something I will be able to return/exchange or be one of the things that I wait to buy until after the baby arrives.

Baby Lounger – somewhere for baby to hang out throughout the day. Even though some moms do, these are not recommended for unsupervised sleeping.

Baby Carrier/Wrap/Sling – these are a must-have for sure! Depending on your preference, your size and your baby will determine which one is the right one for you.

Preparing for baby's arrival? . . .
Grab the Ultimate Newborn Baby Checklist!

Newborn Baby Checklist Printable

Baby Checklist


Closet Dividers – these are cute to have and use but certainly not a necessity.

Outerwear – depending on what time of year you have the baby and where you’re located will determine if you may need a collection of jackets, coats, and/or a stroller cover.

Onesies/Bodysuits –  these are by far my favorite with newborns. They grow so fast that you really don’t want to buy too many of anything. I would highly recommend having around 10 onesies in newborn and/or 0-3 months. 

The first few months are hard! All baby does is eat, sleep, and poop so I don’t see the need to get the baby all dressed up to be inside the house. Not only is it recommended not to take the baby out so much within the first few months but during this pandemic, that’s all a lot of us seem to do anyway. 

Pants – depending on the weather and how much you’re gonna be going out will determine how many sets of pants you’ll need. usually having 3-6 on hand should work.

Sleepers – make sure you get the sleepers that have the 2-way zippers to make it easier for you (and the baby) when changing diapers. Having 5-8 of these would be fine.

Baby Gowns – while these are cute (especially for girls) they are said to be not so convenient. It’s all a matter of preference!

Socks – great to have in different sizes.

Baby Hand Mittens & Hats – these are great from keep the baby from scratching themselves up. Keep in mind that most onesies & sleepers already have the hand mittens sewn in so you need as many individual ones. Hats always good to have to help keep baby warm. 

Side Note: I would highly recommend that you do NOT wash all the baby clothes prior to the baby arriving. You won’t really know what you will need and the baby may grow out of some of the clothes before getting a chance to wear them. Just wash a week or so worth of clothing at a time. This way you can return/exchange the ones the baby will grow out of. If you wash all the clothing & the baby grows too big before wearing, you won’t be able to return/exchange them. 

Newborn Checklist


Bibs – good to have to keep baby dry and clean. 

Burp Cloths – great for burping the baby. You can also choose to use a swaddle blanket.

Pacifiers – some moms choose not to use these. If you are on the fence about it or not sure, get a few just in case. For me, these are a game-changer!

Bottles/Nipples – this something your baby will determine. I recommend selecting 2-3 options and seeing which one the baby will take.

Bottle Warmer – this is something nice to have to help baby take the bottle easier.

Bottle Cleaning Brush – sanitizing your bottle is a must and this helps you do that!

Formula Fed

Baby Formulathere are so many options out there that you will want to do your research and choose the right option for you and your family.


Nipple Cream – this is a MUST-HAVE for breastfeeding mamas!

Nursing Bra – a good nursing bra is gonna make your life easier! Here’s a comparison list that will help you choose the right one.

Nipple Shields – trust me you’ll think me later!

Electric Breast Pump – every situation is different however you will eventually want one of these to help store breastmilk.

Manual Breast Pump – great to catch the let-down while the baby is feeding on the other breast. Also, good for on the go pumping.

Nursing Pillow – this is nice to have however definitely not a must! It will help with feedings for you and baby! 

Nursing Cover – if you like being a little more discreet then you will want to use this or this. ** You could also use a large swaddle blanket.

Breast Pads – you will leak so you can use the breast pads that come with the nursing bras and/or buy cloth or disposables ones. 

Milk Storage Bags – you’ll eventually want or need to be able to leave the baby with family, friends, and/or a childcare provider. Storing your milk will allow you to do this!

Breastfeeding Class – Breastfeeding is tough. . . especially if this is your first time. I highly recommend taking this FREE virtual class and/or contacting a lactation specialist for options. 

Side Note: Because unexpected things happen. . . if you plan on breastfeeding, do some research on baby formula and have some (of your choice) on hand – just in case!

Checklist for Newborn Baby

Changing Baby Diapers

Disposable Diapers – don’t buy too many in one size or if you do make sure you can return/exchange them later on down the line.

Diaper Cream – this is another must!

Cloth Diapers – if you decide to go this route, consider newborn cloth diapers. The cloth diapers can fit big bulky.

Wipes – much needed! You can go with disposables and/or cloth wipes, depending on your preference.

Baby Wipe Warmer – this is a preference for you and your baby. Some moms say that it’s a must-have and others not so much. I’ve heard this one is great to use a plus for boys the most!

Changing Pad and Cover – of course, you can change the baby anywhere throughout your home however some moms love having a designated place to change diapers. It’s really up to you!

Mobile Baby Station – even if you choose to opt for a changing pad station, you’ll definitely want to consider this as well. This is my preferred option! We like to change baby wherever we are so I made my own lil mobile baby station on wheels that I also used with my 1st born.

Newborn Baby Checklist

Bath Time

Baby Bath Tub – depending on where you plan on bathing the baby will help decide which option is best for you. This is the one we’ve used with your 1st born however we plan to wash baby in the kitchen sink this time around so we’ll be getting this one. 

Baby Washcloths & Towels – they’re super soft and made just for baby!

Baby Wash/Shampoo/Moisturizers – this will boil down to your preference.

Newborn Checklist


Car Seat/Baby Carrier & Stroller – a combination set is definitely the way to go if you plan on being on the move at all.

Diaper Bag and/or Tote Savvy – which one you choose will depend on your preference. I’m more of a diaper bag type of gal however some moms prefer using a tote bag they already own and then insert the Tote Savvy.

Backseat Baby Mirror –  a great way to keep an eye on the baby while in the car. 

Window Sunshade – good for keeping the sun out of the baby’s face.

Stroller Organizer –  organization is key when juggling a baby and any other tasks – especially while on the go!

Stroller Phone Mount – I know that you already know how much we all spend on our phones nowadays. Well, this attached to the stroller and is the perfect hands-free solution!

On-the-Go Changing Mat  – most diaper bags come with changing pads however some moms find it convenient to have an extra one. 

Checklist for Newborn Baby

Baby Care Essentials

Thermometer – traditionally a regular thermometer will due however these are great to use as well. Great for the whole family to use!

Frida Baby Bundle – bundle that has most of what you’ll need.

Hair Brush & Comb Set – something soft & gentle on baby’s head! Many babies develop cradle cap and this comes highly recommended by other moms.


Laundry Detergent – you’ll want to keep this on hand because you’ll be doing a lot of laundry – especially if you plan to use cloth diapers and/or wipes.

Preparing for baby's arrival? . . .
Grab the Ultimate Newborn Baby Checklist!

Newborn Baby Checklist Printable

This a pretty good baby checklist and I’m hoping it has helped you with getting ready for the baby. Make sure you give yourself enough time because the baby could come at any time. . . don’t wait until the last minute to pack your hospital bag and install the car seat. 

Please let me know your thoughts and leave a comment below.

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