Legit Side Hustle Ideas for Moms

75 Legit Side Hustle Ideas for Moms in 2022

These side hustles ideas are a great way to make some extra money however you want to be careful when online looking for one that works for you. There are a ton of great opportunities but there are a lot of scams out there as well. Just remember, if something sounds too good to be true . . . then it is! Just don’t do it! 

I made this list specifically for moms because it’s really tough for some stay-at-home and work-from-moms . . . especially nowadays (during the pandemic). 

Just in case you’re wondering . . . Even though this list was created for moms it’s very useful and can work for anyone.

So let’s jump in!

Side note: While having a side hustle can bring in some extra cash, depending on what you decide to do it will either fall into 2 categories: active or passive income.

Side Hustle Ideas for Moms

Start a business in 2020 . . . Become a Mompreneur!

Starting a business definitely takes way more work that a side job! Even though it takes a lot of work in the beginning, there are certain parts that will become much easier and you’ll get to the point you will outsource a lot of tasks. You really want to be sure that you do something that you really take joy in doing and stick with it. There are pros/coms with starting a business:

  • Flexibility . . . Eventually!
  • It takes a lot of effort and time to start and grow your business. So, there will be a certain period of time that you will be working many hours and will not see any return of investments for some time.
  • It takes money to start a business. Not necessarily a lot of money but still some will be needed. 
  • Work for yourself
  • It is most definitely an active process of building a foundation to a new business

Business Ideas in 2020

  • Start a Blog – a great way to turn your passion into a business or focus on a niche type blog (which usually is not as personal). There are a lot of bloggers however you are the ONLY one that can deliver a message the way that you deliver it! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! . . . Start a blog if that’s what you really want to do! Your goal here is not to please everyone and for everyone to like you. It takes a lot of time but just be you! You will eventually gain an audience of true fans and supporters!
  • Start a YouTube Channel – similar to blogging but in video form. The same goes for creating content for a YT channel . . . You can base your channel on a passion of yours or a niche channel (where you don’t have to actually be on video)
  • Start & Launch a Podcast – these have become very popular and are a great way to make money with advertising.
  • Start an Online Digital Marketing Agency – you can’t sell anything without a marketing strategy and digital marketing is where it’s at! If you know it or learn to do it, you can start your own online agency and offer a very valuable service.
  • Purchase vending machines – the vending machines can be purchased from different sources and then you contact businesses to rent space on their property (placing them in prime locations).
  • E-Commerce/Online Store/Online Boutique/Print on Demand – everybody and their mama have these nowadays. Some people do VERY well and others not so much. There are a lot of things that go into running a successful e-commerce business (like . . . how the store looks & is set up, what products are sold, and MOST important . . . a marketing strategy)
  • Start your own virtual call center – These can be done with Arise. I would recommend that you work with them as an agent yourself first, then once you understand how everything works, you will then want to get others to work for you.

Pro Tip: Great platforms for e-commerce are: Drop Shipping, Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), Private Labels, Etsy Shop, Ebay, TeeSprings, Merch by Amazon, etc.

75 Side Hustle Ideas

Side Hustle Ideas for Moms

Work from Home

Most of the following side hustle ideas allow you to work-from-home (for the most part). I mean who wants to save on gas, clothes and time? . . . Yes, please!

Some (not all) of them can even be done while the kids are around. 

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I’ve recommended – at no extra cost to you, of course. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.


As a freelancer, you can offer all kinds of services. It really depends on what you can do and/or willing to learn.  Consider any of the following as a side hustle:

  • Virtual Assistant (Data Entry, Social Media Mgmt, Email Management, – offering any administrative services that you currently know how to do or learn how to do.
  • Copywriting – if you are a good writer, you can offer your writing services for bloggers, advertising (paid ads), etc)
  • Proofreading – I mean who doesn’t need something proofread? . . . Everyone does. If you’re good with small details and grammar, then this would be great for you!
  • Graphic Designer – this is a service that can be offered because not everyone has these skills but graphic designers are in high demand.
  • Web Developer/Designer – there are a lot of resources nowadays to create and build a website however it can get very complicated. You will need some coding experience.
  • Video Editor – there a ton of resources for editing videos however this is something you will definitely need to have some experience and skill for.
  • Medical Billing
  • Cyber Security – this is something in demand because cybersecurity is serious and happens way too often.
  • Childcare for Working Moms – only moms can really relate with other moms! Moms want and need childcare that is not only affordable but also safe and rewarding for the child(ren). In other words, making sure they are doing things throughout the day and just sitting in front of the TV all day.
  • Technical Support – There are a lot of online entrepreneurs and a lot of them are not tech-savvy. If you are, this would be a great way to help small businesses while doing something that comes naturally to you.
  • Computer/Phone Repair
  • Bookkeeping
  • Photographer
  • App Developer – if you’re good with software and developing Apps, you could create an app in demand. You could even partner up with someone.
  • Home Health Aide – providing companionship, light care and/or running errands for the elderly. You can offer your services independently or through an agency.
  • Translator/Interpreter – Are you fluent in a 2nd language? This is definitely a great skill to have!
  • Property Mgmt – I myself offered property mgmt services for over 10 years. You must be a licensed real state license but it’s a really good way to utilize your real estate and management skills.
  • Event Planner – Some moms love to plan events for themselves and friends/family. Why not offer your services to others and get paid to do something that you love to do?

Pro Tip: Great resources to get clients when freelancing is: Fivver, Upwork, Care.com, PROblogger, Facebook Groups (within your niche), Local Networking Events, TaskRabbit, etc.

75 Side Hustle Ideas

Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing – is promoting other brand’s products and services & is a great way to make some extra cash! You basically review products and/or services that you love and already are using. If someone makes a purchase through your assigned link, then you make a small commission. I highly recommend only promoting products and services that you have actually used and/or have done thorough research on. You don’t want to recommend things that aren’t good. . . This will create a bad user experience for your audience and is not good for your brand.

Creative Side Hustle Ideas

Create & Sell Your Own Products and/or Services 

  • Sell Digital Products (PDFs, ebooks, training videos, tutorials such as . . . lesson plans, at-home activities/chore charts for kids, meal plans, e-courses, templates, etc) – there are sooooo many things that you can create that will solve someone else’s problem. You can use Pinterest & Facebook groups to help you figure out what that might be.
  • Online/Phone Consultations – What are you an expert on? Offer to someone that is in need.
  • Dog Walking/Daycare/HouseSitting – offer these services to dog lovers. Check to see what’s available in your area!
  • Online Yoga Instructor – Online fitness programs are becoming very popular! If you love yoga and have an audience this could be great for you.
  • Rent out extra storage space (where you live) – this is new to me! I didn’t even know this existed until recently. It seems it’s a win-win for both parties!
  • Public Speaker – Some people are naturally good speakers and the ones that are not usually learning the more they do it.
  • DJ (Disc Jockey)
  • Sell your own personal things (Poshmark, FB Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo, etc) – a great way to make extra money on the things that you already have laying around. Just make sure that you take good pics, write details and disclose everything.
  • Interior Designer – Do you have a good eye with home decor design? Well, this would be right up your alley!
  • Personal Fitness Trainer – these services can be offered online, one-on-one and/or as a group.
  • Get items free or for little to nothing, revamp and then sell – You can get these items from a thrift store, on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, etc)
  • Rent Your Car Out 
  • Create & Sell Your Own Art 
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Makeup Artist
  • Wrap your car/Wrap your car windows – Companies will basically pay you to advertise on your vehicle. Some will shrink wrap the entire vehicle and others will only wrap the window.
  • Dance Instructor
  • Music Instructor 
  • Cook and sell meals and/or baked goods (to individuals and/or at events) 
  • Personal Chef
  • Rent out a room
  • Make and sell crafts
  • Cleaning/Housekeeper (residential & commercial)
  • Organizer (residential & commercial)
  • Hair Stylist (from your home-based or salon) 
  • Seamstress – Can you sew?
  • Purchase vehicles under market value & then sell them for a profit – This is great if you have a thing for this kinda thing. You will need some mechanical experience or have a low-cost mechanic to handle the minor repairs that may be needed.
  • House Sitting 
  • Mobile Car Detailing – As long as you provide great detailing work this can be really good once you build your clientele.
  • Real Estate Investing/Wholesaler – If you have the knowledge, systems and mindset, this can be very lucrative!
  • Offer Personal City Tours – This can be offered directly or through a 3rd party like Airbnb. Once you sign up for an account, you will see the option to host an experience.
  • Become a surrogate  – This isn’t for everyone but some women love doing this!

Check these as platforms/resources for creating and selling your own things: Teachable, Skillshare, Udemy, Shopify, Etsy, SendOwl, Podia, and others.

Side Jobs in 2021

Side jobs are great because it’s something that you can usually do without any money upfront and get to earning extra money right away.

  • Lots of opportunities available
  • Very competitive so you’ll have to be persistent!
  • Are very flexible
  • Some can be done at home and/or with the kids around.

Side Jobs Ideas

  • Petition Circulator – This is basically someone who asks registered US citizens to sign petitions. The petitions are on different topics and change all the time. For each petition that you get signed and turn it, you get $1-$4 dollars per petition – paid DAILY or WEEKLY!! Depending on where you go to collect signatures (ex. grocery stores, libraries, public places where there are lots of people) and how good you are with connecting with people will determine how much money you will actually make. Get creative!
  • Online Surveys (ex. SurveyJunkie.com, OnlineSurveys.com, PaidViewpoint, Vindale Research) – I’ve personally tried this as a side hustle and it’s ok but I quickly learned in the beginning that doing online surveys is really not for me. Ha! I mean some people LOVE them! It really depends on you! Try it out here!
  • Online Rewards (ex. Ebates/Rakuten, SwagBucks, CashApp) – These are great if you already shop online and or use these Apps. You can also recommend them to others as affiliate marketing.
  • Research Marketing Groups
  • Virtual Customer Service Agent (ex. Arise, Home Depot, Amazon CSR, Discover Credit Card, Hilton, etc) – you’ll need internet access & your own computer. If you sign up and list my partner (Hanse Telecommunications) as the source that referred you, you can contact her for one-on-one assistance to get set-up. Click here to get started!
  • Personal Delivery(Amazon, Shipt, Instacart, UberEats, Delivery Dudes) 
  • Personal Driver (Uber, Lyft)
  • Test Websites/Site Reviews (ex. UserTesting, TryMyUI, Userlytics) 
  • Transcriptionist
  • Field Service Representative (ex. ScanScape) – I’ve done this as a side hustle as well. It was ok (but again not for me) however you have to be quick and commit to working different stores a few times a week. It’s flexible but you don’t want to be assigned too many locations in a day.
  • Voice Overs
  • Online Tutor (ex. QKids)
  • Mystery Shopping (ex. iShopapg.com) – There are good companies that offer opportunities however there are a lot that is not legit. Only choose the ones that you see others using.
  • Sales (ex. Team Beachbody (Team Fit & Lit! w/ Emily), Wink Naturals, CBD Advocate Rep,  Scentsy, Scout & Cellar, Rodan+Fields, MagneticLashShop, Color Street (Nail Polish), Paparazzi Accessories, MaryKay, etc)
  • Trading Digital Currencies

Which of these side hustle ideas are your favorite? Are you looking to become a mompreneur? I would really love to hear from you . . . Drop me a comment below and let me know!

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