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Plus-Size Pregnancy: So what’s a B belly, anyway?

What’s a B belly, you ask?

Well, let me start by saying…

Congratulations! You have a little one on the way!


Oh my goodness. 

I can only imagine how much you’re filled with all the nerves and excitement (and anxiety) that this time brings! 

If you’re a full-figured woman like many of us, your tummy may be shaped a lil differently.

Because you’re wondering . . . 

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What’s a B belly, anyway?

Well, a B belly is basically the shape of your tummy when you’re a lil thicker than the average woman and your tummy has a different shape to it.

Some of us curvy girls don’t have a flat stomach so when we get pregnant the shape of our belly doesn’t significantly change. 

This is due mainly to an indent in our tummy’s middle or lower part. This is called an apron belly (or double belly) – which is very common. 

So say you turn to the side and look at your belly in a mirror, you can see the outline of the letter B – instead of a perfectly round D. 

That’s it. 

Nothing more. Nothing less. 

If you’re feeling a certain kinda way about the size and shape of your baby bump . . . don't.

It is what it is and whoever has a problem with it can kick rocks! 😉

Trust me . . . It’s really not a big deal and you shouldn’t feel any less grateful and happy to be an expecting mother. 

Just remember there’s so much to learn during any pregnancy, and everyone is truly so different. 

Don’t know what to expect during a plus-size pregnancy? If you wanna avoid negativity and all things that could interrupt you from having the absolute best experience check it out here.

Your body will change throughout your pregnancy so be sure to take lots of pictures (even if you don’t share them with anyone) and use a pregnancy journal to keep track of your journey. 

Plus, I’m gonna share some proven tips and tricks to help you have more of a D-shaped baby bump. 

Every mama is unique and may present a different baby bump shape. As a plus-size pregnant mom, here is all you will need to know about having a B belly.

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What Does It Mean To Have a B Belly?

If you have a b belly, it’s possible you may not develop a perfectly round baby bump during your pregnancy.

Or I could mean it could just take longer for you to show during your plus-size pregnancy. It just really depends. It depends on your shape, size, and the size of your baby.

If you are hoping for a perfectly round baby bump, try not to let that stop you from feeling blessed and fully enjoying this experience. 

Pic courtesy of @suzgilliessmith

Many women have different size baby bumps during their pregnancy.

The most important thing is to stay focused on the miracle taking place inside your body rather than the shape of your tummy.

A B-shaped belly during pregnancy is when there’s a distinct division between the top and the bottom part of your stomach.

This belly shape is more common in women who carry more weight, and it almost looks like a crease separating the sections, like an invisible waistband.

The term B belly is due to the shape being a ‘B’ should one be looking side-on to the person. Others may have the very round ‘D’ shape bump. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong or concerning about having a ‘B’ belly in your pregnancy. This is why there is no reason why you cannot feel just as happy and beautiful with whatever bump you have been blessed with.

Side note: The shape of a baby bump will change throughout pregnancies in both slim and more prominent women, which makes it tricky to know whether your belly will round out or not.

Many mamas report a change in their tummies from 23 weeks onwards, so if you are hoping for a more rounded baby bump, this may still be possible. The key is not to be too disappointed should this not happen for you, as you are an individual with a unique makeup specific to you.

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Plus Size Mom Holding Her D Belly Baby Bump

How To Get Rid Of A B Belly During Pregnancy?

Yes and no. So you can technically get rid of your B belly because it’s the natural shape of your stomach, however, depending on your shape, size and the size of your baby bump might round out by the end of your pregnancy. 

If it doesn’t you can do a combination of the following:

Tips that'll help you go from having a B belly to a D belly

There are mixed opinions as to how useful these plus size pregnancy hacks are, but some moms live by them during their pregnancies:

  • Wear a plus-size belly band – not only will this help with the weight of your baby bump throughout your pregnancy but it’ll also help round out the shape of your belly.

  • Wear clothes that are loose-fitting and have layers – many women report that wearing loose-fitting clothing really gives the illusion of having a ‘D’ shape baby bump by hiding the lower section of your tummy.

  • Leggings, flowy dresses, and skirts are always good options for this. For a list of the best leggings for plus-size mamas go here.

  • Women sizes S – XXL 
  • Comes in several colors.
  • High-waisted. Wide waistband.
  • Very affordable.
  • Very popular with expecting and postpartum moms.

Plus-Size Mommy Tip:

Only wear high-waisted bottoms – this helps hide the part of the tummy that curves in.

So you may not 'get rid of' your B belly during your pregnancy as you may have hoped, but that’s perfectly ok.

Try not to get too emotional about something you have no control over at this point (don’t be like I was as a first-time mom). 

These alternatives don’t pose a problem or danger to yourself or your growing baby, but you should always make sure not to wear any clothing items that feel too tight or uncomfortable. 

So even if you do not ‘pop’ out in the middle section to create a round bump you can still do a few things to try and assist with making your tummy seem more round in shape.

Is a B Belly Need For Concern In Pregnancy?

Having a baby bump that is not pronounced or more of a B shape than the typical D shape is no need for concern. There are no health risks to yourself or your baby, whether your tummy is perfectly rounded or has the B shape.

It’s crazy how people assume that because you’re a plus-size woman you’ll automatically have complications when pregnant. 

Plus Size Mom Stepping on a Scake

Plus Size Pregnant moms are at risk? . . . Oh, really?

Being a plus-size mom doesn’t automatically put you at risk.

This is why it’s really important to choose an OB/GYN that is plus-size friendly. 

If you have a doctor that makes you feel bad or guilty about being plus size and pregnant do what you can to change . . . Fast!

It is possible that carrying additional weight can come with some complications but that’s not always the case. Because everyone is so different, you’ll want to discuss the risks and possible concerns with your healthcare professional during your regular anti-natal visits.

Here are a few things to be mindful of during ANY pregnancy and birth:

  1. Gestational diabetes – happens when your body can’t make enough insulin during your pregnancy. This puts you at risk of high blood pressure, as well as preeclampsia.
  2. Previous miscarriage(s) – so many of us experience miscarriages for so many different reasons. Depending on your specific situation you may or may not have complications.
  3. Pre-eclampsia or postpartum preeclampsia –  having high blood pressure and excess protein in your urine soon after childbirth is postpartum preeclampsia. On the other hand, preeclampsia is a similar condition that develops during pregnancy and usually will go away after the birth of your baby. 
  4. Possible emergency c-section – so the truth of the matter is  . . . there’s no way to know if you’re gonna have an emergency c-section (because it’s an emergency). It’s most definitely not based on your size so you want to be mindful that anything could happen. Just try to be open to the fact that there are things that can happen during your pregnancy and at birth that you don’t have control over. Lean on your support, connect with other moms and try to educate yourself about your options. 

Next Steps

If you were hoping for a normal average pregnancy belly, which you do not seem to have, you are not alone! Contrary to their expectations, many women desire to look and feel a certain way during their pregnancies. If you find yourself in a plus-size pregnancy with a B belly instead of a round baby bump, you do not need to feel alone or discouraged.

Whether you get the baby bump you were hoping for or not, try to focus on all the positive things. Like how having a is a wonderful thing (for the most part), healthy pregnancy/birth, and loving your body regardless of your shape or size during your pregnancy!

Drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts. 

Until next time. 


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