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5 Best Head Protectors for Babies Learning to Crawl & Walk

If you’re anything like I was as a concerned mom, you’re looking for the best head protectors for babies because …

  • Your little one is now on the move
  • You wanna prevent them from hitting their heads on the floor, table [or everything in the house for that matter]
  • You don’t wanna freak out about all the bumps and bruises they’ll get

Well, look no further.

I’m giving you 5 of the best safety helmets for babies & toddlers that are learning to crawl & walk. 

Since my little one was crawling and now trying to walk, I got a little concerned when he hit his head a couple of times on the hard tile floor.

I started looking for something that could help prevent him from hitting his little head. 

Being that I didn’t know which one to get I decided to purchase a few different ones to try out.

This post is going to go over the pros and cons of the best baby protective helmets and let you what to look for.

Now if you’re wondering . . .

What's a baby safety helmet anyway?

Well, a baby safety helmet is basically safety gear that is worn when babies and toddlers are learning how to crawl and walk – it prevents bumps and bruises.

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Head Protectors for Babies are Great for . . .

  • Keeping your baby from hitting his/her head on the floor or furniture 
  • Families that have hard surface floors (ex. tile, hardwood floors, etc)

How do you choose a baby safety helmet?

When it comes to choosing a baby head protector, there are a few things you want to consider when choosing a baby safety helmet:

  • Babies use falling as a means of learning so using a safety helmet may interfere with that (to a certain extinct)
  • The baby may fall to the front (forehead), sides, and/or to the back (back of the head). As your baby gets older they will learn to hold themselves up and prevent falling forward. Failing backward (and sometimes to the side) is something that may take a little longer to conquer.
  • Grows with your child
  • Fit & overall comfort level for the baby (ie. breathable, weight, chinstrap, etc)
  • Easy to clean 
  • Lightweight 

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Top 5 Best Head Protectors for Babies & Toddlers

So while this is not an actual safety helmet, it is one of the most popular choices by moms. Bebamour Baby Head Protector is a great option if you wanna void bumps and bruises and not have to wear something around their head and chin.

What moms like...

What moms don't like...

This baby safety helmet offers the most ideal protection for toddlers during crawling, playing, and/or walking. The head cushion can effectively protect the baby during the collision and the friction caused by the bump and fall. The bumper bonnet provides a reduced shock, cushioning effect, and prevents or reduces the baby’s head injuries.

What moms like...

What moms don't like...

Would you like a natural way to help your baby or child get over congestion, cold/flu-like symptoms? Check out my tips for finding the best humidifiers for babies and toddlers.

The design incorporates components that expand to accommodate growing heads and consists of two cute halves with stretchy pleat-like material along the join. The expandable material is visible from the outside.

What moms like...

What moms don't like...

It’s designed to accommodate growing heads that consist of two cute halves with stretchy pleat-like material along the join. And this expandable material is visible from the outside.

What moms like...

What moms don't like...

When this baby protective helmet is hooked by a certain external force, the magic tape with great stress will loosen automatically. Adjust the other side the first time you use it, and then use Velcro to open and close day to day – which is more convenient.

What moms like...

What moms don't like...

Questions about baby safety helmets other moms also ask. . .

Are baby safety helmets necessary?

Well, the simple answer to this is no, however, baby safety helmets will help prevent bumps and bruises. If you’re not sure you want to get a baby head protector but you need some protection, there are great. 

Which baby head protector is best?

When it comes to deciding which is the absolute best, it will really depend on your baby and your preference. I personally love the Baby Head Safety Backpack since it’s the only one that doesn’t come with a chinstrap. My son doesn’t like the chinstrap and fussed a lot when he had it on.

Do babies need helmets when learning to walk?

My little one started crawling around 8 months and I quickly learned that I would need something to help limit him from hitting his head. 

We have tile flooring so this became a big concern of mine.

My main concern initially was covering his entire head because he would fall forward those first couple of months of crawling.

I soon realized falling forward didn’t last long and realized he didn’t like the strap that goes around under his chin.

Next Steps

Either one of these baby safety helmets would be a great choice once your little one is on the move. I learned from my experience that the earlier you start using it the better. 

Let me know in the comments below which is your favorite baby safety helmet.

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