Happy Mothers Day_Best Gifts for Mom_Because She Deserves It

Happy Mothers Day!: Best Gifts for Moms in 2022 . . . Because She Deserves It!

Are you looking for great gifts for moms this year? Maybe gift ideas for a mom that doesn’t really want anything?

Whether she has expressed she wants something or not . . . You’ve come to the right place!

Let’s face it! . . . Mommin’ ain’t easy!!

Any and every mom needs to be treated like the queen she is . . . especially during this pandemic!

This Mother’s day is the perfect way to show the moms in your life some extra love and appreciation. You may not think so but sometimes it really doesn’t take much!

I’ve asked a tribe of moms what their ideal Mother’s Day gift would be this year and this is a list of those things.

Now, of course, the perfect gift idea will vary depending on the mom.

Also, keep in mind that you can choose one of these mom gift ideas or do a combination of different ones.

Side Note: Also, these gift ideas for mom can be done after the quarantine is over. You can give her gift cards for her to use later.

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Relaxation for Mom

Relaxation is something moms definitely don’t get enough of! Moms get so busy with taking care of everyone else that we tend to forget about taking a few moments for ourselves to decompress. Give a mom something that she could really use more of with these:

Voted Best Handheld Body Massager

These are very popular and are a big hit with moms. It’s lightweight and relieves muscles soreness, lightweight, adjustable intensity and has a rechargeable battery.

Starting at $129.99 at Amazon

Health & Beauty

These are gifts that even moms who don’t want anything would really love! Even with recent events and being stuck inside, moms are still wanna be cute! Not all the time but it would be nice to have the things we love to dress up with – even at home.

Voted Best Do-It-YourSelf Pop-On Manicure Set

Static’s award-winning reusable pop-on nails give you a perfect, non-damaging manicure in seconds for a fraction of the salon cost. Wear them weeks straight or a few days at a time—you decide.

Starting at $14 at Static Nails

Priceless Gifts for Moms

  • Sleep in and you handle the kids and the home until late afternoon – Mimosas and fresh fruit for breakfast to go along with this would be much appreciated.
  • Uninterrupted alone time – This doesn’t have to be the whole day (even though that would be nice) . . . a few hours just for mom is something she would ABSOLUTELY appreciate. With everything going, you will need to get creative and make it happen!
  • A staycation just for mom – Book a day & night at a local hotel . . . just mom! You could even arrange a full pamper session – schedule a massage, nails and/or hair. The pampering session is not really necessary . . . Just being there alone will really make a big difference for her.
  • A day with everyone getting along and helping out around the house with no attitude.


Now, what mom doesn’t love jewelry (or a watch)? . . . We all do!! This can be the perfect gift for mom! These are some really nice looking pieces that any mama would love:


Great for iPhone moms. This will help keep her organized and make her life a little bit easier. 

Starting at $499 at Amazon

An Experience

I don’t have to tell you how tough it’s been for everyone with having to stay inside for this length of time. Once the ‘stay at home’ order has been lifted, these will be greatly appreciated!

  • An actually trip or virtual trip to a local park or zoo
  • A family trip to a destination mom wants (after this lockdown period of course)
  • A Show or Play
  • A Movie Night – she has to pick which movie & she could go by herself or as a date night
  • A Lunch/Dinner
  • A Picnic
  • Camping

Happy Mother's Day to Moms Who Love to Travel

Travel is something many women don’t get to do as once they become moms. While moms still do travel . . . It’s just a little different. If the mom you’re buying a gift for loves to travel, she’ll love these!

If she loves to travel . . . these are a must-have!! These comfortable canvas shoes are great quality & will definitely not disappoint.

Starting at $48.95 at Moms Need A Break Too!


Most moms love fashion and it comes in so many different forms! There’s been a lot of hanging out at the house lately so you get her something to chill at the house and/or wear when we are all released! 😜

These are great for lounging around the house. They’re comfy & cute!

Starting at $23.95 at Amazon

Traditional Gifts for Moms

  • Sleep in with breakfast in bed
  • Perfume
  • A housekeeper for the week/month/year
  • Flowers & Plants – Succulents, Cati, Peacelilly, Jasmine, Roses
  • Meal Prepared for the week/month
  • Scented Candles
  • Artistic Gifts (Designs by Jei)


  • Virtual one-on-one personal trainer
  • A virtual fitness membership program

Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.

Exploring a Creative Outlet

Learning a skill or a new hobby is a great way for mom to decompress! These gift ideas for moms can typically be done in person or virtually.

  • Online Creative Classes
  • Creative Journal
  • Virtual Photography course – This is a great course for any mama who wants to learn to shoot manual mode and document their lives.
  • Cooking Classes
  • Home Organization Classes/eCourse

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Unique Gifts for Moms

As a mom, there’s always something to do! Every mom needs a way to keep track of all the madness.

Starting at $9.95 at Moms Need A Brea Too!


Perfect for whatever any mama needs for a pick me up!  This mug is the perfect gift idea! Why not give a mom this mug and actually give her a lil break! 

Starting at $18.95 at Moms Need A Break Too!


Some moms are foodies so they are the ones that would definitely appreciate these awesome food products.

  • Gourmet Salsa – Great for foodies and salsa lovers! A lot of moms live by this salsa!


Thoughtful Gifts for New Moms

I would love to hear from you . . . Drop a comment below and let me know which of these gift ideas for moms is your favorite!👇🏾

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