Top Best 5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids in 2021

Whether you and your family celebrate Halloween or not, it’s the one time of year that kids absolutely love wearing a Halloween costume!!! Because let’s face it, kids love playing dress-up any day of the year but Halloween gives them a reason to eat lots of candy and junk food while hanging out with family and friends! Let’s just hope their visit to the dentist after it’s all over won’t be too bad. 😜

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Being a mom, you already know how expensive it can get to buy costumes each year. Some mommies choose to buy costumes every year, some reuse costumes from the previous year and some go the DIY route . . . Well, no worries I got you covered either way. If you’re considering getting a Halloween costume for the kiddos, I have the PERFECT solution for you! If you’re looking to make a Halloween costume yourself, then I have a few options that I think you’ll love! Let’s check out the best top 5 Halloween costumes ideas for kids in 2019.

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Princess Halloween Costumes

Princess is the number one thing most girls love to dress up as . . . Anytime of the year! It doesn’t matter if it’s a Disney princess or a unicorn princess, little girls love them!! Becoming Princess Jasmine, Princess Anna, or Elsa the Snow Queen for the day creates a magical experience and lots of great memories.

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Both girls and boys LOVE, LOVE, LOVE superheroes!! There are so many to choose from but the most popular ones for 2019 are Captian Marvel, Wonder Woman, Black Panther & Spiderman. With so many superheroes to choose from it really boils down to your little one’s preference.

I saw this video last year sometime and though it was the cutest thing!! I am not associated with Viral Hog but I really wanted to share it with you sooo😊. . .

It’s super cute and hilarious at the same time!!

Movie Characters

There are so many great kid movies that have or are coming out this year. After watching their favorite movies, they love dressing up like them. There are tons of movie characters kids love to dress up as however some of the most popular ones for 2019 are StarWars, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Frozen 2, Avengers, The Lion King and Toy Story 4.

TV Show Characters

Anyone that has a little one knows that Paw Patrol is one of their absolute favorites. My 2-year old and I actually went to the Live Paw Patrol show here in Fort Lauderdale, FL a couple of months ago and loved it! There were tons of kids there and they were going crazy for paw patrol. This makes for one of the best kid’s costumes for 2019.

DIY Costumes

You could decide to do something minimal and go with a Cape and Mask or you can get really creative with a DIY Halloween costume for the kiddos (using stuff you already have at home).

Going the DIY route can be really fun! It would probably be ideal to make Halloween costumes from things that you have at home and/or pay under $20. I’ve asked a few other mommy bloggers what their best DIY costumes are . . .

Game of Thrones Inspired

Even though we won’t be seeing any new episodes of Game of Thrones we all are forever fans of the show. Isobel Benesch and her boys at killed it one year by dressing up as a Mother of Dragons and Dragons.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids_Moms Need A Break Too

The Incredibles

Dressing up as The Incredibles is really fun and a great choice because the little ones can dress up as baby Jack, Violet or Dash OR the entire family can participate like Tabitha and her family at

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids_Moms Need A Break Too

Forky (Toy Story)

Karen at shows us how she created Forky from the Toy Story. Kids love the Toy Story and all their characters.

Dark Vader (Star Wars)

Dark Vader is an all-time classic! Sara at shows us how to create Dark Vader. This can actually be made for anyone if the family.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids_Moms Need A Break Too

So do you prefer to purchase your Halloween costumes or do you like to create them? Drop a comment below to let me which option you’re gonna go with this year!👇🏾

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