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5 Ways to A Tear-Free Toddler Dentist Visit

I know that I don’t have to tell you how important it is to maintain good oral hygiene.? Pediatric dentistry suggests your little one’s first appointment should be within 6 months after the first tooth pops up. Keep in mind that this is a recommendation and the 1st dentist visit it will vary depending on the child and family.

Pediatric dentistry is ideal for kids starting at around 6 months old up to the teen years. My 2-year old recently had her 1st visit and it was a success!! Yay!! . . . She didn’t cry. I’m gonna share 5 ways so that you too may have a tear-free experience.

Do Your Research

Finding the right pediatric dentist for your little one is not always an easy task. Thankfully, for me, it wasn’t too bad. You should start by asking friends and family for recommendations and then look for recommendations from other moms that are local (via FB groups, local meetups, church, etc).


Tear-Free 1st Visit to the Dentist . . What you need to know!

I asked a couple of my mommy friends (that also have young kids) for recommendations. I didn’t really get any good options with their recommendations so I thought about a mommy Facebook group that I’m a member of. Hundreds of moms are in local FB groups and they provide lots of information about all things with being a mom.

While doing a “pediatric dentistry” search in this mommy FB group, I read through a lot of the comments and suggestions. I paid really close attention to what the moms said about the actual experience of the toddlers and the staff. I’m so glad that I was able to find the perfect pediatric dentist office for my little one through this FB group.

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The Dentist Office

We ended up choosing A & B Dentistry . . . They were amazing!! The office location (Coconut Creek, FL) is not ideal for us because it’s not close to where we live but that’s okay since I know this office is a great fit! The office is accommodating for children and the staff was very friendly. This was a plus for me because I wanted to make sure my little one liked the office and the staff.

The waiting area had games and a play area to keep the kiddos entertained while they wait. I love how it made her feel it was a fun and happy place to be.

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The office called me the day before our appointment. I was busy and didn’t answer the phone. I assumed it was to confirm our appointment but after arriving a the office I discovered they had an issue verifying our insurance coverage. Because of this, we had to wait approx 30 mins or so before being taken to the back.

Tear-Free 1st Visit to the Dentist . . What you need to know!

Once they took us to the back, there was another waiting/play area (next to the workstations). Amber (the dental hygienist) and Dr. B (Erica Barba) were extremely friendly and gentle. Even though Dr. B was our dentist for that day, Dr. A. (Liza Aguilar) made sure she came over to introduce her. She was really friendly.

Amber went over what was gonna be done and asked if I had any questions – super friendly.

Watch the video below and come along with us to our first visit to the dentist. Check it out!??

Make it a Pleasant Experience

I don’t know about you but I get anxious anytime that I have to go to the dentist. The great thing about your little one is that they have not formed an opinion about going to the dentist yet so making their experience as pleasant as possible is key! I suggest having a positive attitude and being cheerful.


There are many ways that you can prepare your little one for their 1st dentist visit. Depending on your child’s age and personality, you will want to ease them into it by talking to them about what to expect. Also, possibly implement practicing certain routines (regarding oral) at home. The dentist office that you choose may also offer useful information that will help with your little one’s first visit to the dentist.

A Good Dental Routine at Home

Even though my little one didn’t have her 1st dentist appointment until she was 2.5-years old, we’ve kept a dental routine at home. I truly feel this was a big part that helped when it came to having a great experience at the dentist.


Give Praise & Rewards

Our toddler’s dentist office has their own way of rewarding each child that sees the dentist. It’s one of the things that I love about their office.

They give each a child a token when they arrive and then they get to use it after seeing the doctor. They have a bubble gum machine (not filled with bubble gum but with small toys instead). The kids use the token to choose which of the toys they want for good behavior while at the dentist.

Tear-Free 1st Visit to the Dentist . . What you need to know!

Being that little one is only 2.5-years old, it doesn’t take much to reward her. I do however give her lots, lots and lots of praise when she does a great job!!! I strongly feel this too is an important part of having an overall good experience at the dentist.

Have your little one had their 1st dentist visit yet? Drop a comment below and let me know if these tips are useful for you. ??

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